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Employee Turnover Definition

Employee turnover is the process of replacing an employee with a new employee in the context of human resources. Termination, retirement, death, and resignations are all examples of such turnover. The turnover rate of an organization is determined by calculating the percentage rate of turnover. The percentage of employees in an organization who leave during a given period of time is referred to as the turnover rate. During a fiscal or calendar year, organizations and industries as a whole calculate their turnover rate. When a company is stated to have a high turnover rate in comparison to its competitors, it suggests that its employees have a shorter average tenure than those in the same industry. When skilled people leave frequently and the working pool contains a significant percentage of novices, excessive turnover can be detrimental to a company’s production. Internally, companies frequently measure turnover between departments, divisions, or other demographic categories, such as female versus male turnover. Additionally, organizations can better manage voluntary turnover by offering parting employees with surveys, which can help them pinpoint specific reasons for leaving. When concerns affecting employees are addressed quickly and properly, many firms have noticed that turnover is dramatically decreased. Benefits are used by employers to try to reduce employee turnover.

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