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Deliver a strong candidate and employee experience that meets todays and future workforce needs.

Attracting new talent and keeping them engaged is an ongoing challenge. Especially if you’re not taking advantage of good technology. With Cloud based Employee Experiences from Tommy, a single APP enables HR to make recruiting and onboarding more inviting for candidates, while improving the connection between existing employees.

Time Clock App


Simplify The Employee Experience



Drag & drop schedule builder with the flexibility for assigned or open shifts. Attract happy staff by offering rules based shift trading with automatic or manual approvals.


Time & Attendance

Time Clocking and Timesheets wherever you need with options for GPS and selfie enabled employee apps, desktop / web, and time clock kiosks.



1-on-1, Group Chats, and Channel/Topic Chats. Create the employee experience ideal for your team wherever they are with smart notifications for a happier team.

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Streamline HR Processes

Simplify recruiting, onboarding and more by using one app that can change thought out a candidates engagement.

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Protect Employee Privacy

No need to share mobile numbers or ask around for contact details for faster onboarding and better privacy.


Improve Productivity

Gain efficiency across every department by giving your workforce the right tools for success.


Skill Mapping

Assign skills to employees and to shift requirements for smart scheduling. Also see a matrix of skills within the team.

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Make Payroll Easy

Connect timesheets to your preferred Payroll solution. Direct integrations and csv exports available.

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Workforce Analytics

KPIs for attendance, satisfaction, and retention. Track overtime, scheduled hours, no shows, and more.

Human Resources
“Our business needs to be flexible to thrive in these more challenging times. Tommy has helped keep the coffees flowing.”
Jackie Mach, Shakermaker Coffee & Role

Key capabilities

Real Time Collaboration

Connect and collaborate across your teams with smart respectful notifications within a dedicated instant messaging system.

Smart Employee Scheduling

Streamline complex demand and availability problems and provide flexibility for employees to influence their schedule.

Accessible Anywhere, On The Go

Get on-the-go access to your employee experience, on any device.

News Feed For Your Team

Add a central newsfeed for your team to access announcements and connect to one another.

Seamless Integrations

Optionally connect with other tools such as payroll systems for faster more efficient processing.


Tommy’s SDK allows developers (in beta) to create custom mini programs.

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