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Law Enforcement Employee Scheduling

Law enforcement employee scheduling specifically refers to the unique challenges of LEO scheduling, including rotation, policy compliance, overtime management, training certification, inventory maintenance, etc. In view of the risks and public responsibilities inherent in the duties of law enforcement officers, it is important to ensure that all staff are fully compliant, rested, and receive training on on-site duties. In today’s legal world, LEOs who are not compliant or are scheduled to perform untrained duties may have unfortunate consequences, such as losing their convictions or exposing their jurisdiction to counterclaims.
Systems like Mytommy can solve this issue by automatically warning about overtime , expired training, availability, leave , etc. Nowadays, basically everyone in society has a camera in their pocket, it is necessary and important for the modern law enforcement agencies not only to ensure that their policies and equipment are up-to-date, but also to ensure that their administrative processes meet the ever-increasing needs.

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