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Catering Employee Scheduling

Catering Employee Scheduling is a system that arranges extremely flexible employees to multiple (probably constantly changing) workplaces. These workplaces are used for weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, class gatherings, anniversaries, school events, etc.
Usually, a catering company will have a large number of part-time employees, including kitchen staff, waiters, bar staff, janitor, etc. Employees can go to different locations, such as the site of a large banquet hall owned and operated by a catering company, or on a food truck on site.

The scheduling of catering staff is a very difficult process. The staff list is long, the availability varies, and it changes with the seasons. Without the correct catering staff scheduling software, it would be very troublesome to manage such a large team. The catering company must ensure that there are enough staff to manage multiple events at all times. The peak period for catering companies usually occurs during the wedding season, graduation season, etc. The work arrangements for catering staff must take into account availability, frequent and sudden turnover, and seasonal business ups and downs. Often, catering companies manage all of this with paper or other outdated applications. In order to make catering companies’ schedules simpler and satisfy their employees, they must use the right software to put employee availability, customer needs, and communication in the hands of employees and management teams.

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