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What Is Assisted Living Employee Scheduling?

Managing the schedules of nursing homes, clinics, assisted living centers, home care or other care-intensive staff can be a huge challenge.. As a true 24×7 industry, they will correctly track changes in multiple locations to find the most qualified caregivers or residents, based on employee training, credentials, and doctors’ attitude toward patients. What’s more, if there is a coverage gap or someone calls in sick, managers must be prepared to quickly find a suitable replacement, or they may not be able to fulfill their care responsibilities.

There are now faster and simpler employee scheduling software solutions, such as, that allow employees to update their schedules 24/7, instantly, and effortlessly over the Web, rather than calling around to find qualified replacements or using an Excel-like spreadsheet to manually schedule employees.

If someone calls in sick or doesn’t show up, an assisted living administrator can quickly find a replacement with a click of the button. This advanced scheduling solution allows employees to quickly switch shifts, seize vacant shifts and switch schedules between locations using mobile phones or other handheld devices based on specific medical training and certificates. Employees can even clock in with their phones using selfies and/or GPS and instantly access tasks and view important updates. A major benefit of scheduling software solutions like is that they don’t lock customers into long term contracts and the cost is low at between $1 and $2 per employee per week.

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