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Modern Team Messaging

Empower your mobile workforce with the tools to engage effectively with one another, bridging communications gaps and improving work life balance with a more intelligent notification system.

Instant messaging for your hourly workforce that engages your teams, reduces misinformation, boosts knowledge sharing and improves overall employee happiness with respectful smart notifications and message routing to promote optimal on-shift performance and reduced off-shift interruption.



Individual chats, group messaging and topic channels for your mobile workforce

Fast, effective communications that engage your mobile workforce, facilitate knowledge sharing and reduce the need for those time consuming calls and emails that could have been message.


Shift worker friendly notifications

Receiving every notification all day every day is not productive and does not promote a healthy work life culture. Tommy allows Teams to define notification preferences based on many things including if a team member is scheduled on or off with defaults applying to clocked off notifications only when a team member has not set their own.


Document Sharing

Quickly drop files or cloud links into Chats to share with team members. Preview directly within the Chat.

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Voice Memos

Quickly record and share audio/voice messages. Ideal for field workers that maybe multitasking.


Image Sharing

Share images and capture new photos directly within chats in the field. View and download within the chats gallery.



Want to draw extra attention to someone in a group chat? Mention Team Members within chats with @.


Pin What’s Important

Ensure your most important chats and contacts always appear at the top of the list.


Emoji Reactions

Give messages a 👍 with message reactions for fast and fun communication.


Privacy At Heart

No need to share mobile numbers or ask around for contact details for faster onboarding and better privacy.


Apps & Web

Get super-fast notifications on iOS or Android + access from the web browser


Low IT Costs

Secure and scalable cloud based solution with apps across all major stores.



Give SMS a rest

SMS has had its day! It is now home to login confirmation PINs, missed call notifications, and messages from relatives not on social media. Team chats belong in their own APP with configurable notification settings that support a healthy work life balance. Cut down those SMS sending fees if you’re still paying them and make the jump to smarter messaging with push notifications.

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GPS Time Tracking


Clock on and clock off in the field with GPS and Selfie capture.


Setting Icon

Accurate timesheets with manual and automatic approvals.

Time Clock Kiosk

Clock In/Out from a single kiosk device using unique pin code (from their app).

More About Team Messaging

Tommy is pre-configured with default team messaging permissions based on what we believe is the most common practice. However, Team Admins are able to manage permissions within Messaging the same as most other features within Tommy which allows you to deploy messaging within your organisation in whichever flavour best suits your operations.

Yes. Team Members are always in control of their own devices notification settings, those permissions exist beyond Tommy. However, Tommy itself
has a complimentary layer of notification management designed with shift work in mind. Team Members can define their notification preferences
dependent upon the day of the week, their availability status, or if they’re clocked on or not.

See more about smart notifications

Yes. If you need to communicate with someone external to your Team such as a contractor, supplier, or Customer, Tommy enables Team Managers to add external people as Shared Team Contacts with a singular (whole of team) chat channel with that contact. You may also create 1-to-1 direct chats depending on your permissions. This makes Tommy Messaging an ideal solution for contact centre software integrations or for highly collaborative

Team Admin’s can set your Teams message retention policy though your subscription level will determine the maximum storage options available. Please see the available Plans for more details.
Sometimes it is impossible for everyone in the team to have Tommy on their device. In these situations messages are saved for when these Team Members next login, though fallback notices of these messages can optionally occur via email and SMS dependent upon Team Settings. SMS Fallback currently requires manual setup for your account, please contact Tommy support for more details. Additional fees apply.

Effortlessly Beautiful

Keep on brand by customising background images, icons, styling as well as day and night mode options.

Custom Permissions

Highly customised user groups with adjusted permissions based on schedule / time clocking status.

Real-time Collaboration

Work with your team in real time just as you would communicate with your family on Facebook.

Custom Mini Programs

Need something highly specific for your team? Build your own Mini Programs that run within your Team only or offer to others via marketplace.

Connect and Engage

Share and discuss announcements, photos, documents and more via your News Feed with optional “Read/Done confirmation”.

Employee Import

Kick start your on-boarding time to value by quickly importing your team members from excel template.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) comes with risks. Tommy is working on Remote Wipe and other EMM tools to minimise your risks.


Tommy by default is in line with WCAG standards making it accessible and easy on the eye.

Skills Tracking

Always have the correct Skills available on shift. Tag employees with Skills and mark shifts with skill requirements.