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Build a remarkable employee experience

With Tommy you can craft your own employee app. The following features are available out-of-the-box for scheduling, time and attendance.


Team Messaging

A messaging app built for shift based teams! Collaborate with team members using text and voice memos, share photos and files all with smart notification preferences that can chance according to your on/off shift status and regular working hours.


Employee Scheduling

Get your team scheduled in minutes! Quickly create and assign shifts, replicate previous periods (assigned or unassigned), publish open shifts for your team to grab and more. Tommy’s employee scheduling software includes shift costing and keeps you compliant with any wage profile or scheduling rules such as weekly hour limits and skill requirements.


Smart Timesheets

Automatically generate timesheets with manual and rules based submission and approval. Highlight manual entries and corrections along with variations from scheduled to actual time. Everything you could imagine from modern employee timesheet software.


Workforce Analytics

Monitor KPIs for employee attendance, employee satisfaction, and retention. Track metrics such as overtime, hours scheduled, and POS transaction volumes. Discover potential issues faster with workforce analytics and
rules based notifications.


Smart Notifications

Effortlessly notify your team of their scheduled shifts with push notifications within Tommy. Minimise impact to personal time with smart snooze preferences and delayed delivery options.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Leave management that is configurable for your needs and easy to use. Specify your own leave types, including paid/unpaid leave, set leave balances and policies for accruals.


Time Clock In & Out

Get the time clock that works best for your team. Multiple methods for Clocking On and Clocking Off including App based selfie & GPS time clocking, Kiosk based pin & selfie time clocking, and web-based time clocking.

See Who’s Working

Allow the team to see who they are working with on a shift and who is currently clocked-on.
Time Clock Kiosk

Time Clock Kiosk

Allow employees to Time Clock from a single kiosk device using their
unique pin code (they can set and replace themselves) and optionally capture a selfie photo along the way.


Make Payroll Easy

Reduce costly payroll errors and improve workflow by connecting approved timesheets to your preferred Payroll solution. Tommy is integrated with several though please do notify us if your payroll system is not currently available. Automated Data Export option also available.


Skill Mapping

Assign skills to employees and to shifts as requirements for smart
scheduling. Also see a matrix of skill availability within the team.


Multiple Languages

Tommy already supports English and Chinese. We are adding support for more languages soon.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Become a Tommy Partner to access free resources, benefits and rewards for your company.

Support Dashboard

Meet your customer’s BYOD Employee Experience APP and support requirements.

Partner Resources

Tommy Partners are provided with extra tools, training and insights to empower the next level of support for your customers.

Tommy SDK

Create your own Mini Programs and Integrations with Tommy’s fully featured and developer friendly SDK.

Tommy is fully featured to support your employee experience needs of today and into the future

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Account Management

User Management

Manage your account’s users and their roles (owner, admin, manager, and team member).

Custom Styling

Upload your logo and custom backgrounds to menu and profile screens to give your team an on-brand experience.

Granular role-based security

Organize your team and give granular access rights to team members and managers, even vary authority based on time clock status.

Support & Documentation

Video Tutorials

Visual learners can get up to date quickly on new features with step-by-step videos being added regularly to our documentation.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

Tommy has an in-depth knowledge base that is consistently expanding to include answers to questions from our community and tips and tricks on getting the most out of features.


The Tommy Support Team is available to help you with any questions you might have.
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Fully Featured Plans

All plans allow you access to Tommy’s Award Winning Employee Experience platform. Take advantage of all Tommy features across all our paid plans.

3 Different Pricing Plans

Choose out of 3 pricing plans depending on your needs in terms of storage length, size, and extra enterprise features.

Archived Team Members

Archive any Team Member that is not active in your team and they will not count against your plans billing. Never delete again.

Free Plan

Can’t afford any of the premium plans? You can convert your team account to a Free, limited-feature/storage plan as soon as your trial expires.

Enterprise Plan

Employee Experience at scale. Enterprise grade options for managing users, data retention policies, enterprise-grade security, analytics, priority support and more.

Non-Profit/NGO Plans

Tommy supports a sustainable future and does give discounts on an application basis to those who need it most. Just contact us from your organization email for more info.
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256-bit encryption

Rest assured that your communications are secure. Client-server communication is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.


We deeply value your privacy and strive to make our policies fair and easy to understand. We meet the high General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Learn more about GDPR

ISO/IEC 27001

Tommy has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) inline with the International Standard for Information Security, ISO/IEC 27001.



Enterprise Grade Security

Control and manage users’ access from one centralized location.

Audit Trail Reports

Be in the know on team member activity with exception based reporting for added security.

IP Access Restrictions

Control the network locations from which users can access Tommy with IP Access Restrictions.

Single Sign-On (SSO / SAML)

Integrate Tommy with your SSO for easy access and secure team/user management. (coming soon)

Priority Support

Jump to the front of the line and chat with our top notch support team.

Enterprise Class Encryption

256-bit SSL Encryption of all communication.