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The all-in-one employee app platform for chat,
time tracking, and team scheduling.


Make shift workers happy and healthy, on and off the clock

We help people achieve work-life balance through innovation. We believe the highest performing businesses are those that care for
 their employees wellbeing, both on and off the clock, so we’re making it easier to create space and engage with employees to
 constantly innovate in this space


About Tommy

Tommy is focused on the scheduling, time & attendance space primarily so that we can deliver experiences that can change based upon your work schedule. Since our founding, Tommy has continuously innovated new ways to deliver on our mission and what you see today is only the beginning.
Based in Gold Coast, Australia, we provide our employee app platform to users throughout the world so any team, big or small, can thrive.



Creating a better world

We believe the future will bring more professions into the realm of shift based or project based work and that will be driven from a desire for more flexibility, not less. Tommy has some amazing world class people working to ensure this future is as flexible, happy and healthy as possible.


Contributing to open source

We recognise that Tommy wasn’t built in isolation, it was the thriving software developer community contributing to open source projects that is enabling us to deliver the higher quality service our customers expect.
Tommy is proud to contribute directly and financially towards multiple open source projects and is grateful for the efforts of everyone in the community.



Why the name Tommy?

When our platform was being developed it was with the mindset of it being an employee’s best friend, like a personal assistant that is first and foremost working for the employee, making their interactions with their work life more efficient. The name Tommy is from our founders Yorkshire Terrier named Tom Thumb (aka Tommy) that sat with him in the early kitchen counter days. What could be a better name then that of a loving, loyal, little dog with a big personality? Right…



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