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9 Traits To Adopt To Guarantee Promotion

9 Traits To Adopt To Guarantee Promotion
9 Traits To Adopt To Guarantee Promotion
Aiming for a promotion with more money or more responsibility? There are nine key character traits which will help you reach that ambition:

1. Exude confidence

Confidence is crucial for demonstrating leadership material. You should be confident in your decision-making and problem-solving skills and show your ability to lead a team.

2. Be optimistic

Having an optimistic outlook is a positive way to boost engagement and employee morale. Be enthusiastic about problem-solving when issues arise with projects and model resilience in recovering from set-backs or failure.

3. Demonstrate strong listening skills

Strong listening skills are imperative to gaining a promotion and being a valued member of any team. Listening to team members at every level demonstrates respect and consideration for other opinions and knowledge. Listening means learning, contemplating, pondering and then responding or taking action.

4. Strong relationship and interpersonal skills with manager

‘Managing up’ means working on your relationship with your manager. Having respect for and earning the respect of your manager is more likely to lead to promotion. Taking initiative and becoming more involved in broader aspects of the business will build relationships and interpersonal skills with your manager and other senior employees.

5. Maintain relationships and network regularly

Working towards a promotion requires strong relationships with peers, managers and external networks through associations and groups. Building networks of professional contacts plays a key role in moving up the corporate ladder.

6. Provide solutions and advice

Employers are more likely to promote employees who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to problem-solving, providing innovative solutions and ideas. Demonstrate your skill in this area by responding enthusiastically to issues when they arise and thinking creatively about potential solutions. Give advice when asked in an objective and positive manner.

7. Do your job and more

Your manager will evaluate your performance at set times throughout your employment. An employee who meets their key performance indicators, shows initiative and demonstrates the ability and capacity to do more is more likely to be promoted. Working autonomously and showing the capacity for independent decision making inspires confidence in management. Anticipating and responding to changing customer needs, industry demands, and limitations shows initiative and problem-solving skills. Volunteer for extra responsibilities including the opportunity to mentor junior employees.

8. Define your goals for success

Successful people have clearly defined goals with short, medium and long term steps to achieve. Designing these strategic actions and skills to develop, experience to gain, is a surefire path to promotion. Demonstrating your planning skills through discussing your goals with your manager highlights your strengths.

9. Openness to learning

An attitude of always learning is a strong and positive mindset that leads to positive personal growth. Challenging situations, learning new skills and gaining new experiences are valuable tools in your path to promotion.


To make your goal of promotion happen quicker, incorporate these nine traits into your professional repertoire.