Tommy Developer Documentation

Welcome, Tommy Developer! Get familiar with the Tommy API and the developer SDK to build your own Mini Programs and addons that run on the Tommy platform. Woof!

What is a Mini Program?

Mini Programs extend the functionality of Tommy. Most Mini Programs a build by third-party partners, not directly by Tommy.

Mini Programs can extend employee (team member) experiences, team admin experiences, and to enhance integration with external services.

Types of Mini Program Views

There are two types of views where mini programs can be launched within the Tommy user experience: Left Menu (Team Member and/or Team Admin), and Profile Menu. Additionally, there is a limited view type for Kiosk Mode.

Left Menu

After logging in to a Team, team members will see a menu bar to the left of their experience. This left menu maybe expanded or contracted on desktop, or on mobile it maybe launched by sliding the menu toggle out at any time.

Team members will see a list of mini programs installed on their team that they have been given the permission to view. As soon as a mini program icon is clicked from within that menu the contents of a mini programs view will load and if on mobile, the menu will contract to give a full-screen experience for your mini program.

Profile Menu

After navigating to a Team Members profile screen, team members will see a horizontally scrollable mini program menu. Navigating to a mini program by this menu will pass the User ID to the mini program for the team member who’s profile was being viewed.

Mini Programs that have Profile Menu views must have a User specific function. A minimum user experience is to apply this User ID within a search/filtering object within an existing mini program view though a completely customised experience is preferred.

What is an Action?

Actions are workflow automations that allow developers to integrate their mini programs into the workflow of experiences external to their own mini programs. Actions are disclosed to Team Admin’s when installing mini programs and maybe either set as mandatory or optional with default install modes of active or inactive. Team Admin’s can alter the active status of optional Actions at any time. Learn more about Actions and see examples within the SDK.