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40 Best Camaraderie-Enforcing Tools for 2024

2024's Top Camaraderie Enforcing Tools
2024's Top Camaraderie Enforcing Tools

40 Best Camaraderie-Enforcing Tools for 2024

According to a study, digital collaboration can increase employee productivity by 20-30%. And now, team collaboration is more essential than ever with the rise of remote workYou must identify and use proven collaboration solutions.  Doing this helps build a sense of robust workplace cooperation that keeps teams (like the sales team) aligned.Keep reading to discover how you can build camaraderie in the workplace.

Why Is It Essential for Scattered Teams to Collaborate? 💻

Thousands of businesses are changing the way they do business. Effective collaboration is critical as organizations respond to global health events like the COVID-19 epidemic.

They must prioritize the requirements of an increasingly international workforce.

Team productivity is crucial when managing work with scattered teams. Organizations need team collaboration tools to stay connected, respond to change, and keep the company moving forward.


How Can You Know If a Team Collaboration Tool Benefits Your Company?

Team collaboration technologies can improve real-time communication and virtual meetings and increase productivity.

What should you look for in professional communication tools for your team?  When deciding on a collaboration tool, determine your needs and follow these guidelines.


The Best Tools for Building Camaraderie in 2024

Our comprehensive list of the best remote team collaboration tools includes many high-quality solutions.

Thoroughly vet each option or look into similar tools until you find one that helps you build team camaraderie in your company.

Chat Tools That Are Available in Real-Time


Without this feature-rich messaging software, where would every hot startup be? Slack is a channel-based real-time chat application with over 277,000 daily Australian users. It also supports voice and video calls.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a chat platform that integrates Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, and more with chat and teamwork capabilities.


Mattermost is fantastic for firms searching for a secure real-time chat solution. It is popular with many companies.

Mattermost currently has just under 25,000 websites using it.

To enhance privacy and enjoy a Slack-like experience for internal collaboration, use this open-source chat application and host it on your company’s secure servers. Get the free, self-hosted version for your teams if you really want effortless communication.

Tools for Voice and Video Conferencing 📹


Zoom is at the top of the list regarding team collaboration tools, after becoming a household name in HD video conferencing in 2020.


It supports screen sharing from a desktop or mobile device, meetings, recording, and video streams in full-screen or gallery mode. 

It contains a collaborative whiteboard and the ability to communicate in a group with texts, photos, and audio files during meetings. 

It also has a Zoom Rooms option for improving your conference room hardware.


GTM, the other video conferencing stalwart, is a popular choice for many reasons.

Its features include:

  • HD-quality video
  • Screen sharing
  • Unique meeting URLs
  • You can join meetings from a desktop or mobile device
  • A whiteboard function lets users annotate and highlight the presenter’s screen, allowing teams to communicate
  • International toll-free lines and translate control settings


Hangouts is a good video conferencing and screen-sharing option if your firm uses Gmail or Google Apps. 

However, you can’t have more than 25 people at the video conference at once.

Skype for Business

Skype is excellent for instant messaging, audio, and video chats.

Except for toll-free lines, which GoToMeeting and Amazon Chime feature, Skype for Business has all the top features you would expect.

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is compatible with all major operating systems. 

The features include video recording, screen sharing, remote desktop controls, and chat functionality.


Join.Me is a screen-sharing and video conferencing solution that simplifies evaluating deliverables, conducting training sessions, or demonstrating new product features. 

Collaboration Tools for Documents

Evernote Business

Evernote is a tried-and-true behemoth for taking and sharing notes.

Their business plan lets you capture and manage messages you can share with colleagues. 

The Notebook Stacks and the tagging system are its most basic and powerful features. They allow you to find anything in seconds.


Microsoft’s OneNote has a shared notebooks feature, making it simple to transfer large data sets with your team. 

Although part of Office 365, it has utility outside-of-office document tools. It’s an entirely free solution (complete with mobile apps) you can use for personal and professional purposes.

G Suite

Google’s cloud collaboration suite includes many tools, such as:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Sites
  • Gmail
  • Hangouts
  • Calendar

Many businesses prefer to collaborate within the G Suite ecosystem because its auto-sync and cloud capabilities allow them to work from anywhere.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative document creation tool that lets everyone on your team contribute to the same project or provide feedback.

It also has checklists and @mentions to help you keep track of action items and assign them to specific people.


Quip refers to its papers as “living documents” since it recognizes that your content (text, graphics, spreadsheets, and data) will alter and evolve as you collaborate. 

Like other tools, Quip provides an excellent chat mechanism that allows your team to speak directly within the papers.

According to 6Sense, Quip has a 3.25% market share in productivity, making it an excellent tool for building camaraderie.

Office 365

Office 365 is a version of Microsoft Office that is entirely on the cloud.

It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, and the full range of online Office products.

These tools are brilliant for ideas, collaboration, and creating a positive company culture.



Check out Etherpad if you need a collaborative text editor that helps you write and modify the text simultaneously.

It’s open-source, cross-platform, and free.

Knowledge Center Tools 🧠


Confluence is one of the tools used in the knowledge center. Its name relates to what the word means.

It allows you to create a single knowledge center to document and share all procedures outside of work silos. Because Atlassian owns JIRA, linking issues or bugs to your knowledge center wiki posts is much easier.


Bloomfire is an excellent solution for establishing an information repository for your business. In fact, after implementing the tool, 90% of Bloomfire users feel less frustrated at work.Bloomfire allows you to manage and upload material from any device. Even better, the search tool is quick and easy to use. This is critical for obtaining the appropriate information at the right time.

Source: Bloomfire


Guru takes pride in providing quick search results as a central information repository. 

Their most crucial feature is the browser extension. This allows you to search from anywhere online and receive your results “cards” (containers for your data) in seconds.

File-Sharing Tools 📁


Dropbox makes uploading and syncing files a breeze regardless of where you are or which device you use. 

While the free version is adequate for individuals, the corporate plans offer more of the following.

Corporate-level Dropbox plans offer:

  • Excellent storage amounts
  • Sharing options for all files
  • Team collaboration options like commenting


When you use Box, you can increase your team’s productivity. 

Simplify your workflow by allowing your teams to collaborate with anybody, on any device, from anywhere.


This file-sharing application allows you to share photographs, movies, PDFs, and more with your team. You can view and comment on any file format, bringing your project deliverable closer to final approval.

Hightail is widespread, with over 1600 websites using it.


With MediaFire’s free plans, your team can effortlessly exchange files, folders, photographs, audio, and documents. Upgrade to the paid version for more capabilities.


SugarSync backs up your data, but you can also use your existing folder structure to make everything work.

It’s easy to find what you need because it’s similar to your storage folders on your personal computer’s local network.

Social Networking Tools for Internal Use 🫂


Jive-n is primarily an internal social network with file-sharing capabilities. 

Users can post visible changes to the rest of the team or use it as an internal wiki to help disseminate up-to-date reference information.


Facebook's Workplace

Workplace, formerly known as Facebook for Work, allows you to communicate with your remote workers using Facebook tools.

Its tools include:

  • News feed
  • Voice
  • Video chat
  • Group Discussions
  • And more

Because this is for serious work, it’s different from your personal Facebook account. Turn off notifications if the pings becomes too distracting.


Yammer was one of the first social media platforms designed for business use. 

Users can submit updates and chat in groups or through specific channels.

Prototyping and Mockup Tools 📝


As InVision’s motto suggests, this application allows designers to ” design better, faster, and together ” by producing interactive mockups to with teams. According to stats from InVision, companies that use their service see 475% in Return on Investment (ROI) over the next three years.

It enables team members to review and comment on mockups, an essential tool for any fast-paced design team. It also increases the company’s ROI.


Source: InVision


Marvel makes creating and collaborating on app and website prototypes for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices simple. 

Best of all, you can sketch straight into the UI, which can be helpful in developing new products. is a simple, free, and ultra-fast mockup tool that supports a “hotspot” connection.


Justinmind is a powerful prototype tool beyond laying up squares and circles in a user interface. 

Thanks to its rich menus and choices, Justinmind lets you create everything from a simple wireframe to a full-fledged GUI.


Flinto allows you to swiftly create a sophisticated product concept while executing timeline-based animation and motions. 

In addition, unlike more complex prototyping tools, the learning curve is substantially shorter. The app has two versions, one for Mac users and a lite version for browsers.


UserZoom can help you expand and elevate or start capturing user experiences to create better products for your consumers.

With UserZoom, you can spend less time thinking and more time developing what your users want. This UX insights tool allows digital teams to expand their creativity by making user-targeted product decisions and tracking UX effectiveness in real-time.

UserZoom has 804 unique domains, so it is a popular site with online businesses.

Time Management Software ⏳


Harvest is a popular time-tracking app that works on any browser and device, including laptops, smartphones, and Apple Watches.

Harvest provides all this and a manager approval feature, making it a versatile option for documenting work time.



With features like real-time entries and fast overviews of billable time, Toggl is a vital billing tool. 

It also connects smoothly with several popular project management and productivity applications, crucial for retention.

According to a case study, businesses that use Typeform (an example of an app that utilizes integrations) have a higher retention rate of 14% if they have one integration. This goes up to 36% if they have over five integrations.




FreshBooks can take the worry out of running a small business, and it does so with various handy features.

Some of the features on FreshBooks include:

  • Client billing
  • Invoice expenditure management
  • Time tracking

Other Equipment and Software 🔗


Prezly makes it easy to keep track of and communicate with your stakeholders. It ensures they are always aware of a critical milestone.

You can also use Prezly to construct newsrooms and conduct outreach.


A marketing project manager’s life can be easier with an editorial calendar like CoSchedule.

Plan your blog, social media posts, and more from one central location.

According to Enlfyt statistics, most companies that use CoSchedule have up to 50 employees and generate 1-10 million in revenue.

Silverpop by IBM

This digital marketing platform integrates multiple helpful features.

Digital Marketing

Communicate with prospects across numerous channels while tracking relationship outcomes.

Employee Scheduling Tools


Who wouldn’t want a balanced work-life situation? Of course, most people now prefer to have time for their family and friends. MyTommy is an employee-centric app that allows users to schedule their time and maximize shift-based collaboration

The MyTommy app enables lesser work friction with different features that can optimize their clients’ busy days.

Final Thoughts on the Best Tools for Camaraderie

Which collaboration software do you think can help your team?

Remember that teamwork lies at the center of its heart: trust.


To find more tools and ideas for your business, find them on our blog on Tommy!