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Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Effortlessly notify your team of their scheduled shifts with push notifications within Tommy.
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Avoid Notification Fatigue

Tommy enables Teams to personalise when and where notifications are delivered to ensure work related prompts can be optimised for a happier work life balance.

Preferences for notifications can vary depending on a Team Members shift schedule, or if they’re clocked on or off.

Minimise Notifications

Reduce The Noise With Smarter Options

Some people prefer a prompt for everything, while others are happy to be notified once of new conversations. Tommy gives you the option to decide how you receive you’re alerts, with options including:



Give SMS a rest

SMS has had its day. It is now home to login confirmation PINs, missed call notifications, and messages from relatives not on social media. Team Messaging in Tommy offers configurable notification settings that support a healthy work life balance, cuts down those SMS sending fees, and keeps your work dialog seperate from your personal.

Smart Notification FAQs

Team Admins are responsible for notification settings while a Team Member is in Clocked On status. This is to ensure preferences are aligned with workplace requirements and avoid any personal settings creating issues while on the clock.

Notification preferences on the device however are managed by the device owner and override any preference that maybe set within Tommy itself.

Tommy recommends providing the maximum notification settings possible on the device and to use the notification preferences within Tommy itself to manage your preferences which offer more dynamic options relative to your work schedule.

Tommy is working to improve the lives of shift based workers both on and off the clock. We do this with ongoing experimentation and then implementing the best practices discovered along the way as the “optimal” settings. If you opt to maintain this setting these preferences therein are subject to change from time to time as new options are trialed and new lessons learnt are implemented.

Select “Account” from the left menu.

Select “Notifications” on that page.

All notification preferences changed here will be applied to notifications within your Private account.

Team preferences are Team specific so if you are a member of multiple teams you must go to each team to adjust the related settings.

Select “Settings” at the top of your Team Dashboard.

Under the General section, select “Notifications”.



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