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6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Take Care Of Their Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone and through efforts to contain the virus’ spread, businesses have been closed. For those with small businesses reliant on foot traffic, the stress of the pandemic has greatly impacted wellbeing. Further, the requirements to comply with safe operating guidelines have created more work, significantly impacting the already time-poor schedules of small business owners.
However, business owners can improve their wellbeing in six key ways:

1.Mental health

True wellbeing includes both mental and physical health, and during this pandemic, this has never been truer. Prioritising your mental health through daily meditation offers many benefits. Using an app such as Calm or can improve physical pain and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

2.Time management

Running your own business has numerous advantages, and one of them is the privilege of time. While having control of your own time and work is a major benefit, the responsibilities of time management can create uncertainty and stress. Managing your time through apps or alarms, diaries and reminders can significantly improve your productivity and reduce stress by reducing your to-do list. Allocating time for rest and breaks throughout your day can establish a boundary between your professional and personal life, ultimately improving your wellbeing.

3.Practice a healthy lifestyle

Have you experienced pain in the form of a back or headache? Are you wondering why this pain is appearing so suddenly? If you are not taking regular breaks, you may be able to relieve pain by moving regularly. A healthy lifestyle is as important as your profit margin, as ultimately your long-term wellbeing plays a key role in your success.

A balanced diet, movement or exercise, doing something you enjoy, and enough rest are key aspects of your healthy lifestyle. During the pandemic, prioritising your wellbeing through reducing tension and stress is more important than ever.

4.Finding support

A strong support system is valuable for any small business owner. However, the need for support is significantly higher during a global pandemic. Asking for help is a positive step if you or your business are struggling. Don’t hesitate to seek help for your mental health, or research resources for financial support. By reaching out for help, you can reduce stress, improving your long-term wellbeing.

5.Connect with employees or colleagues

If you have employees, remember to connect regularly even if you are working from home. Social connection is vital for wellbeing and can alleviate stress. If you work alone, reach out to colleagues or friends to keep social relationships. Further, through building connections, your business stands to increase future possibilities

6.Keep a mood diary

Keeping a mood diary is a powerful tool in managing your wellbeing. By identifying and recording emotions and triggers, you may be able to address the issues causing distress and improve your future wellbeing.


The global pandemic has impacted small business owners through reduction in profits, safety legislation and operating requirements and changing environments. Business owners can improve their wellbeing by prioritising their mental health, good time management, having a healthy lifestyle, accessing support, social connection and recording their daily emotions and triggers.