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Can Music Increase Productivity?


Does listening to music distract you from your work? Or does it help you be more productive during your workday?

Here in this article, we’ll talk about the different types of music and their effect on the listener. Read below to know more about it!

Does Music Help With Productivity?

It actually depends on the person. Some people don’t really like listening to music while working, and others like it.

The type of sound that works best for the latter ones are the natural sounds or ambient noise, such as beach waves.

Benefits of Listening to Music

●Nature Music Enhances Concentration

This is probably the most common example of how music can help you out. Soothing sounds of nature (such as rainfall or flowing water) improve concentration and cognitive function. It can also enhance mood and focus.

However, avoid listening to jarring noises, such as animal noises and bird calls. They can be a great distraction while you work.

●Music Can Adjust Your Mood

We all have bad days. And one way to cope with it is through listening to music. The first thing that you need to do is listen to music that matches your mood.

When the first song is done, listen to a new song that is more positive. Continue doing this until you reach the peak positivism. This technique is called the “ISO principle.”

Another way to improve your mood is to listen to your favorite music. If it’s not too distracting, it can enhance your productivity too!

●Get to Know Your Team

Has someone ever told you that listening to classical music makes you smarter? There’s actually a basis for that.

Researchers have a theory called the Generalized Mozart Effect (GME). It suggests that classical music can improve a person’s ability to manipulate objects and solve spatial puzzles, which are useful in designing. Classical music can also calm people down and reduce stress.

●Music Can Inspire You

Do you lack the inspiration to work? Music can help change that! One research tested the effect of happy classical music on creativity. Music had a neutral effect in terms of convergent creativity (e.g., critical thinking and linear problem solving).  

Meanwhile, in terms of divergent creativity (e.g., brainstorming, hypothesizing, and experimenting), it has a positive effect.

Another example is cinematic music. It can empower you, lift your spirits, brighten your mood, heighten your concentration, and maximize productivity.

●Fast Music Can Speed Up Work

Do you have an urgent task? You should listen to fast music to help you out!

According to research, when people listen to fast music that they enjoy, their performance and satisfaction increase. Listening to slow music can decrease those factors in return.

Another research mentioned that music with 50 to 80 beats per minute can help people be more open, receptive, and less critical. It can also stimulate learning and creativity

●Video Game Music Keeps You Focused

This may be unexpected, but this is true. Video game music is carefully chosen to enhance your experience without causing distractions. It helps you focus on your task, and its fast pace can push you forward.

●Music Can Help You Enjoy Repetitive Tasks

When your task is repetitive, you might not be motivated to do it. To help you out with that, you should listen to music you like. It will elevate your happiness, efficiency, and productivity.

According to modern studies, people who listened to background music in the major mode had better results. So choose your songs wisely!


People have different preferences in music, and each type has its own effects. But generally, music can help increase productivity, boost your mood, and inspire you to do your best.

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