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10 Things You Can Do To Be Happy At Work

Feeling drained and worn out at work? We spend more time at work than at home (unless you work from home!) so make the best of it and improve your happiness. Try these 10 things:

1.Pursue your passion

Some of us are lucky enough to work in an area we are passionate about, but not all of us. If not, then finding a way to do something you enjoy, even if it is small, can make a big difference to your happiness at work. Potentially, you can take on extra responsibilities or volunteer for a project which is outside your normal role. Or perhaps consider researching and pursuing a new career.

2.Prioritise work-life balance

Finding time for rest and relaxation is important even if you love your job. Taking time for family, friends and hobbies is associated with better wellbeing and less stress or illness.

3.Positive mindset

Start your day with positivity; write a list of things you are grateful for, enjoy a warm drink and nature, exercise or meditation. By starting the day with the right mindset, you are setting yourself up for the day ahead. It is easier to deal with stress and problems at work from a calm place. And this type of positivity can spread to your colleagues, making your workplace a happier place to be.


Studies have shown that multi-tasking actually decreases productivity and quality. Our brains are designed to focus on one thing at a time. Focus helps reduce stress and thereby your wellbeing.

5.Help others

Helping other people will improve your mood. Perhaps a colleague has too many projects to manage right now or is having a hard time in their personal life. Reach out and offer them a hand.

6.Growth mindset

Learning new skills, trying new tasks, extending yourself is a key driver of a growth mindset. Perhaps you are feeling disheartened at missing out on a promotion, but there are always opportunities to learn new things, even if it is in your personal time. Look for opportunities for personal development at work, take online courses, watch TED talks and immerse yourself in learning.

7.Protect your personal life and avoid too many hours in the office

Overloading your schedule with too many projects, commitments and meetings can lead to becoming burn out. Be protective of your job description and when you are busy, don’t take on additional tasks or projects. Ask for help from your manager and colleagues if you are burdened and talk about ways to reduce the pressure.

8.Prioritise social connections

Making time to share a coffee and a laugh at work makes long days and busy hours feel a little less stressful. While we are at work to be productive, it is also a social space in which connection is important. It helps with stress reduction, but connections also aid in building relationships, ultimately improving performance and output.

9.Be strong in your beliefs

Stand up for your beliefs, whether having the courage to express opinions, or call out bad behaviour, staying true to yourself is associated with better wellbeing.

10.Finish your day on the right note

The way we start the day, is just as important in how we finish it. Make note of your achievements, write a to-do list for the next day. Prioritise rest, and sleep as it contributes to happiness and wellbeing.


Work life can be draining but our happiness is within our control. If you are lucky enough to pursue your passion, you are more likely to be happy. But if not, you can still improve your wellbeing by having a positive mindset, helping others, learning and being social.