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Time Clock Kiosk

Kiosk Time Clock

Give employees a modern time clocking experience with a table based Clock In/Out option using their unique PIN code (managed from their app) and capture a selfie photo along the way (optional).

Time Clock Kiosk
Photo Time Clock

Photo Verification

Use the camera instead of finger prints at the beginning and end of shifts.


GPS Location

Have mobile teams? Store GPS with each time clock event.

Free- to- join

Reduce Errors

Real-time Time Clocking with reminders for fewer errors and corrections.



All client-server communication is encrypted with trusted 256-bit encryption.


Hybrid Time Clocking

Enable Employee APP based time clocking or limit time clock methods.


Easy To Support

No difficult to replace clunky hardware, use any popular iOS or Android device.

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Time Clock How You Want

Track time in your own way with multiple time clocking methods available to you out of the box or build your own and integrate it directly with Timesheets.

More About Time Clock Kiosk

Short answer is no. However, depending on how you have setup your team there maybe an additional user fee should you wish to have a seperate login credential specifically for your kiosk(s). Some organisation security policy prefer this as part of their device management policies though it is not a requirement.

If your credentials permit the activation (and therefore deactivation) of Kiosk mode then you will find an additional option within the Time Clock settings page. Clicking “Activate Kiosk Mode” a Tommy prompt will appear within the left menu asking for you to confirm locking the current device into Kiosk mode. You must then enter your password and click “Confirm”.

Once activated Tommy on that device will only load Kiosk mode and the current user will be logged out of all non-kiosk mode supported functions.

No. Tommy Kiosk is a locked down version of the Tommy APP. Any device that can run the Tommy APP can be locked as a Kiosk. This means any iOS or Android device from the local electronics store should work, no need for specialist hardware support or risky downtime if your hardware fails.



Tools For Happy & Healthy Teams

Great organisations don’t force success. They foster a culture where success grows naturally. Actively seeking improvements to sustain and enhance their culture. Employee Apps provide new ways to innovate and engage in this area.

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GPS Time Tracking


Clock on and clock off in the field with GPS and Selfie capture.


Setting Icon

Accurate timesheets with manual and automatic approvals.

Time Clock Kiosk

Clock In/Out from a single kiosk device using unique pin code (from their app).