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Workforce Management Software focused on a happier employee and volunteer experiences, promoting respectful communication, scheduling and time and attendance for those in the NFP or volunteering space.

Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Scheduling

Non-Profit / Volunteer SCHEDULING

Employee / Volunteers Scheduling

Between constantly changing availability/preferences, people being sick, and a wide range of skill requirements for shifts, volunteer roles can be difficult to schedule. 

Simplify your scheduling with our quick and easy scheduling tools ideal for volunteers such as (but not limited to) life guards, community visitors, event attendants, drivers, and the many who volunteer at community service organisations around the world. Our drag & drop scheduler allows you to set your requirement then either directly assign someone or allow your team to register their interest or to claim open shifts.

Additionally, you can offer extra flexibility with rules based shift trading with automatic or manual approvals.

Non-Profit / Volunteers MESSAGING

Messaging for Non-Profit / Volunteer Teams

Messages and calls about shifts next to messages of your kids and family… this new world of being “always available” has many volunteers experiencing notification fatigue. Tommy Messaging offers greater privacy (not having to share your phone number with… everyone) and notification preferences that automatically adjust based on your availability. Respect for your personal time and well being are our top features though you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and depth of functionality offered by Tommy Messenger.

Manage your team schedule from anywhere

Update schedules and timesheets on the go. Enable your Non-Profit / Volunteers
to collaborate anywhere, anytime.










Non-Profit / Volunteer TIME & ATTENDANCE

Time & Attendance

Attendance tracking for NFP Employees and Volunteers workforces. Teams big and small from Lions Clubs and Rotary to festivals and major events need certainty that everyone is at the correct location at the right time.

With Tommy, scheduling and communications are simplified and available wherever best suits your needs with options for apps in android and iOS stores, desktop, web, and kiosk time clocking.


Take control with an agile app platform

Tommy empowers NFP/NGO and volunteers to operate efficiently and respond quickly to ever changing regulatory, competitive, and market demands. Rapidly change in-app experiences such as scheduling rules, availability management, and more with reduced implementation risks to stay competitive, compliant, and in control.


Our customers use Tommy to put people first, enable flexibility, and simplify coordination.

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Book a free demo

Our workforce management software experts will configure and walk you through how to use Tommy for your team.



Book a free demo

Our NFP/NGO and volunteer workforce management software experts will walk you through how to use Tommy for your team.