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Best Timesheet Software for Shift Workers

Does your time card app automatically generate time cards when you clock-in and out via kiosk or mobile devices? Can you add notes and view changes? Can you easily see if someones worked more or less than scheduled or taken their breaks? Timesheets from Tommy does this and more for a truely modern time tracking solution.



See Issues Quickly

Tommy automatically highlights timesheet anomalies for a faster more reliable approvals process.



Approve & Export In Minutes

Save hours of payroll headaches with Tommy. Review, edit, approve, and export your timesheets for payroll in minutes not hours.

Get More Value For Your Clients

More about Timesheets

Timesheets can be exported as required with whatever filters you have applied to your timesheets view.

Timesheets that that have been denied or pending submission may also be exported.

Yes. Managers and Employees with the correct credentials are able to edit Timesheets until they have been Approved.

Manual edits are highlighted as such for easy review.

Once Approved a Timesheet is locked.

Yes. Tommy optionally supports manually populated Timesheets and manual submissions of timesheets though we do not recommend this practice. Using Time Clock systems such as Tommy Time & Attendance is the preferred method of Timesheet population.

You may enable this option as a default or provide it to specific Team Members only.

Depending on your Plan, access to historical timesheets may vary. Be sure to check which plan is most suitable for your team.



Tools For Happy & Healthy Teams

Great organisations don’t force success. They foster a culture where success grows naturally. Actively seeking improvements to sustain and enhance their culture. Employee Apps provide new ways to innovate and engage in this area.

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GPS Time Tracking


Clock on and clock off in the field with GPS and Selfie capture.


Setting Icon

Accurate timesheets with manual and automatic approvals.

Time Clock Kiosk

Clock In/Out from a single kiosk device using unique pin code (from their app).