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Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce Management

Employee Experience Platform with workforce management built-in.


Tommy works out of the box with shift/job scheduling, time clocking, timesheets, availability management, and a full featured instant messenger. Ideal for the mobile workforce and can be expanded by your own developers for highly custom requirements.


Manage Change With An Agile Employee App

Tommy empowers mobile workforces to operate efficiently and respond quickly to ever changing market demands. Implement Tommy once to your employees devices and enjoy the flexibility to rapidly change employee experiences, scheduling rules, timesheet processes, payroll integrations, and more with reduced implementation risks for future feature rollouts to help you stay competitive, compliant, and in control.


Provide Flexibility

Employees want greater ownership over their schedule. Tommy empowers teams to have greater flexibility around availability and shift while maintaining requirements.

Improve Engagement

Foster engagement by enabling employees to take ownership, make informed decisions over their schedules, and communicate quickly and clearly with the team.

Reduce Turnover

When employees are appropriately engaged in a team and on the same page they will naturally be happier and perform better.

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Simplify The Employee Experience



Drag & drop schedule builder with the flexibility for assigned or open shifts. Attract happy staff by offering rules based shift trading with automatic or manual approvals.


Time & Attendance

Time Clocking and Timesheets wherever you need with options for GPS and selfie enabled employee apps, desktop / web, and time clock kiosks.



1-on-1, Group Chats, and Channel/Topic Chats. Create the employee experience ideal for your team wherever they are with smart notifications for a happier team.

Real Time Collaboration

Connect and collaborate across your teams with smart respectful notifications within a dedicated instant messaging system.

Smart Employee Rota

Streamline complex demand and availability problems and provide flexibility for employees to influence their schedule.

Accessible Anywhere, On The Go

Get on-the-go access to your employee experience, on any device.

News Feed For Your Team

Add a central newsfeed for your team to access announcements and connect to one another.

Seamless Integrations

Optionally connect with other tools such as payroll systems for faster more efficient processing.


Tommy’s SDK allows developers (in beta) to create custom mini programs.



Tools For Happy & Healthy Teams

Great organisations don’t force success. They foster a culture where success grows naturally. Actively seeking improvements to sustain and enhance their culture. Employee Apps provide new ways to innovate and engage in this area.

See More Features

GPS Time Tracking


Clock on and clock off in the field with GPS and Selfie capture.


Setting Icon

Accurate timesheets with manual and automatic approvals.

Time Clock Kiosk

Clock In/Out from a single kiosk device using unique pin code (from their app).