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The Must-Haves in Your Resume in 2024

The Must Haves in Your Resume for 2024
The Must Haves in Your Resume for 2024

You are a job seeker looking for a fresh start or a new career, but how do you secure a new job with a professional resume?


Companies look for many new requirements and talents thanks to the dynamic nature of the workforce. 

This blog will discuss the vital elements of a resume that will help you land your dream job. We will also detail how you should present those elements.

Work Skills That You Must Add to Your Resume.

To be marketable, develop multiple talents to help you create a well-rounded resume that beats experience with personality.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are more specific to the job you are applying for. If you are looking for a new career, you should get some professional experience with these skills before applying and going against other job applicants.

Certain businesses place a greater premium on these than others. Here are a few examples of hard skills to add to a resume.

  • Technical literacy skills for most jobs.
  • Pproficiency in data analytics.
  • Fluency in another language.

1. Technical Literacy 💻

Computers and other technological devices are becoming increasingly important to most employment sectors. 


Using the Internet and various computer systems is a must-have skill for any prospective employer. 

Learning relevant software is also crucial for success in your chosen industry. 

You may need to learn new software quickly or use your skills to teach an existing employee how to use it. Ensure you gain some experience with new software before applying for a job that requires it.

2. Data Analytics 📈

According to a study by Qlik, understanding and being literate in data will be the most in-demand resume skills by 2030. In the survey, 88% of business executives stated that proficiency in data analytics will become as important as computer literacy.

Even while those in the tech sector may have more work experience with data analytics, it is becoming increasingly important for workers in all sectors to be able to look at a basic data set and understand it. 


Source: Qlik

They can use this information to discuss their triumphs and strategic moves with more knowledge. Though not crucial in every role, employees who can analyze and interpret data are becoming increasingly valuable.

3. Language Skills

While not needed in every job role, being fluent in a foreign language can boost you up the hiring list for jobs that require it.


The more languages you are proficient in, the larger the variety of jobs available.

Additionally, some employers will look for specific experience in interpretation or translation.

Soft Skills

We anticipate the emphasis on soft skills continuing to grow over the next few years. These abilities can often be the deciding factor in getting a new job.

Even though many people will have the required education for the role, only a select few will have the interpersonal skills to be competitive. The soft talents in our list below will be essential for the best chance to land a competitive job.

  • Flexibility and adaptation.
  • Empathy.
  • Communication, both digitally and in person.
  • Time management
  • Experience in solving workplace conflicts.
  • Proficient writing skills.

1. The Ability to Adapt

Several companies are making this expertise a requirement for new hires after seeing how valuable it was during the pandemic

In a case study for KPMG, Dorothy Hargrove ( the National Managing Partner for People & Inclusion) stated that flexibility is transforming the company because they offer a ‘Work From Anywhere’ policy to staff.

Adjusting to new circumstances is invaluable in the workplace, whether a shift in responsibilities because of staffing changes or relocation of office space. 

Flexibility demonstrates that you can adapt to new circumstances while still being able to reach your goals.

2. Empathy

Empathy is crucial, especially for those aspiring to managerial roles. It guarantees you can make your workplace pleasant for everyone and signifies that you can constructively handle disagreements. 


Displaying to your potential employer that you have the empathy of a team leader can impress them and lead to a promotion.

3. Communication 👂

In a 2011 Fierceinc survey, 86% of employees stated that poor communication and collaboration in the workplace were the main causes of failures.

Even if telecommuting is the standard in some companies, you must still interact with others in the office.

It is common knowledge that prospective employers will be ecstatic to see a resume featuring your strong communication abilities. Some companies have trouble with communication, which can lead to workplace failures. Therefore, having this skill will make your resume stand out.


Source: Fierceinc

4. Effective Time Management ⌚

You can place effective time management on your CV as an acquired skill.

In nearly every profession, wasting any time is unacceptable. According to some time-wasting statistics from Teamstage, the average employee spends over 7 hours a week browsing social media at work.

You should demonstrate that you will use your time at work effectively and provide evidence of doing that in previous jobs.

Also, when working remotely, you must demonstrate that you can effectively manage your time to get the desired results.

5. Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict can worsen if handled promptly and correctly. For example, it may affect productivity and office morale. 

If you have conflict resolution skills, you’ll be an essential asset to any company. You may need to provide evidence with an example of conflict resolution and explain your conflict resolution philosophy. Here’s an example of conflict resolution philosophy.


6. Writing Skills 🖊️

Writing skills are a large part of any business because you may have to write reports, letters, memos, and emails

If you are good at conveying messages through writing, it will be a great addition to your resume. Hiring managers want staff who can effectively write, particularly during virtual interactions.

You can demonstrate your writing skills by writing a resume of excellent quality. Here are some of our best resume-writing tips.

  • Don’t include sections that aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Pick a font that’s easy to read, and consistently use it for the whole resume.
  • Try to get all of the information on one page.
  • Include a summary at the top of the resume to highlight your top skills.
  • Structure the sections in order of relevancy.
  • Regularly update the resume if you acquire new experience.

Teamwork Skills

Working well in a team is a skill you develop through constant interaction. A strong team leads to a successful goal. Hiring managers would want to recruit applicants who are team players. 

Here are the skills you must have to convince the HR manager that you have what it takes to work in a team effectively.

  • You must be a reliable team member.
  • You must be able to take accountability for your actions in a team.
  • You must show respect to other team members.

1. Reliability

Reliability is one of the most essential teamwork skills. If you are reliable, your team and superiors will believe in you. Reliability includes meeting deadlines, performing efficiently, being punctual, and finishing tasks successfully. 

According to a 2018 report by The Project Management Insitute (or PMI), 48% of projects undertaken by staff do not see the finish line until past the deadline. You must ensure you aren’t in that 48% so an employer can view you as reliable.


The more reliable you are, the more responsibilities you can take on to benefit your career path.

You should include this trait in your resume because employers value it heavily. Mention the projects you were in and your role in those projects.

2. Accountability

Reliability and accountability go hand-in-hand as the latter is necessary for your team and the employer to trust you. Accountability means taking responsibility for your actions, whether good or bad.

You don’t blame others, and you own up to your shortcomings. Remember, your employer wants a responsible employee.

3. Respectfulness

Creating a respectful environment in the office promotes peace, collaboration, and productivity. Respectfulness includes interchanging opinions without prejudice. Courtesy to all staff no matter what role they have.  


How to Present These Resume Essentials?

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to present in your resume, we must answer the question, “How?” 

Typically, the skills you want to highlight should appear in the upper left portion of the paper since psychologists say people usually scan from left to right.

Utilize different font options to attract the employer’s attention immediately. For example, you may write your soft skills in bold or italics in the skills and experiences section.

Other people also like to associate their expertise with the form of dim stars. If you consider yourself highly creative, present five full stars filled with a solid color.

People sometimes use vibrant colors to captivate employers with their aesthetics. Remember to avoid neon colors as their tinting strength may not be pleasing to the eyes.

Your resume should be concise and efficient. Use bullet points to summarize the experiences and education sections so they can be readable immediately. Avoid using too many words, which can lose the reader’s interest.

Finally, you must include all relevant contact information, like your email address and phone number.

Final Thoughts on What You Must Include in a Resume

Job searching and applying is now more challenging than ever. You have little time or opportunity to make the cut; if you don’t, your resume will end up in the recycle bin.

To snatch the attention of hiring managers, create a superb resume that contains all the qualities they want.

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