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Time Clock App

Time Clock App

Allow employees to Clock In & Clock Out from a kiosk, web browser, or their own phone. Tommy’s Time Clock App is ideal for shift and field site workers.



Time Clock Kiosk

Don’t like your team to have their phone at work? Tommy has you covered! Get a Time Clock Kiosk (iOS/android) for your team to time clock with ease.


iOS & Android Time Clock App

Empower your staff to clock on and off of shifts using their own device. They can also see their schedules and communicate with other team members with ease.


More About Tommy's Time Clock App

Yes. Field work such as cleaning, electrical, landscaping, painting, plumbing, pool service, and other tradies all have the same requirement for GPS location time clocking at job sites. Tommy offers this along with job/shift scheduling and team communications.

Tommy Time Clock App connected with Employee Schedule App allows for clock on reminders, break, and clock off reminders.

If Time Clock is not associated with an employee scheduled shift then no reminders will be sent and the clock will remain on until clocked off.

Yes. The time clock app automatically populates timesheets and both the raw time clock event data maybe exported for analysis (including GPS Locations and event photos), or the timesheets themselves can be exported for use by your preferred payroll or accounting software.

Time Clock App has been built to work within the employee app platform Tommy. It is integrated with other features such as availabilities, shift scheduling, and a fully featured messenger. You can configure Tommy to work in many industries and it can be expanded by your own development team should you have highly specific requirements.



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Great organisations don’t force success. They foster a culture where success grows naturally. Actively seeking improvements to sustain and enhance their culture. Employee Apps provide new ways to innovate and engage in this area.

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GPS Time Tracking


Clock on and clock off in the field with GPS and Selfie capture.


Setting Icon

Accurate timesheets with manual and automatic approvals.

Time Clock Kiosk

Clock In/Out from a single kiosk device using unique pin code (from their app).