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The 4 SEO Tips to Put Up Your Business on Google

The 4 SEO Tips to Put Up Your Business on Google
The 4 SEO Tips to Put Up Your Business on Google

If you have a business, you need to know what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization) and how to use it.

Some people do well without knowing the importance of SEO. However, that number is shrinking by the minute in today’s digitally saturated world.

To make your business website SEO-friendly, you must ensure people find what they’re looking for when using a search engine. In other words, when they type in a specific target keyword, the Google algorithm should make your website pop out to increase traffic.

You may not realize that SEO isn’t just about strategically placing keywords throughout pages on your site and blog posts. There are many other areas where optimization techniques are essential. So, how can your small business benefit from SEO?

The answer: Small businesses benefit from local search. According to an infographic from GoGulf, 46% of all Google searches are for local information.

If you don’t optimize your business for local search, you could lose potential clients who want to shop in your region. In summary, to make your local business stay relevant, local SEO is crucial.

Here are the 4 SEO Tips you should use to ensure people find your business on Google Search.

Google searches

Source: GoGulf

1. Build a Basic and Accessible Website 🖥️

According to a Forbes article from 2023, 71% of businesses have a website. It’s safe to assume this is due to the digital shift caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We know you want to start getting traffic to your website sooner rather than later, and we want to help you do that. 

However, the best way to get more traffic on Google isn’t through SEO or paid advertising. Creating a beautiful, functional website is the best way to do it.

Doing this is easier said than done because taking a business online is more popular now than ever.


Source: Forbes Advisor

If your website has broken links, confusing navigation, and unattractive design, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing. You won’t attract and retain the right people if your website isn’t easy to use and pleasant to look at. This goes the same if you are making a website for a mobile device.

Potential customers will take one look at your site and immediately look somewhere else.

Other tips to remember when constructing web pages are to include memorable page titles, a meta description, and featured snippets in the form of FAQS.

2. Utilize Free Google SEO Services

Google has many free services that businesses should use to their full potential. Here are some examples of Google’s free services:

  • The Google My Business account for increasing your business’s visibility on the site.
  • Google Search Console shows how your business performs on Google Search and how you can improve the performance.
  • Search Engines like Google are ideal for leads to find you.
  • Google Analytics assists in helping you understand the behavior of people who search for your business type and is also helpful for tracking site traffic.

3. Create Posts Using Google My Business

A Google My Business Post is a social feed-like update. It includes all three of the following elements:

  • An image or video
  • Text
  • A link

Use them for various purposes, including promoting deals, informing customers of the latest trends, and highlighting certain items or events.

4. Fortify Your Internal Linking Structure 🔗

External links are important because they help Google recognize that your website’s high-quality content comes from a place of authority. However, altering your internal linking structure will also help you boost your SEO ranking factor.


What is the importance of internal linking? It performs the following functions:

  • It helps with website navigation.
  • Aids with website hierarchy and information architecture.
  • It helps enhance the page’s authority and make it rank higher.
  • It makes for a more informative and helpful user experience.
  • It decreases the bounce rate on your website. Users stay on your website because of internal links rather than leave quickly.
  • It increases the opportunities to convert readers to paying customers.
  • It helps Google understand that your website’s content is relevant.

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Use SEO to Make Your Business Visible on Google

Everything you need to rank well on Google for your business is right there. Starting from scratch may take a few weeks, but be patient, and you’ll notice effects quickly.

The next step is to study more complex SEO skills or investigate digital marketing for businesses. For example, selling to a modern audience or using alt text on images.


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