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6 Steps To Conquer Busyness And Be More Productive

6 Steps To Conquer Busyness And Be More Productive
6 Steps To Conquer Busyness And Be More Productive
Each of us has our own definition of success. For some, it is a new car, a business making profit, or a management position. Defining success is personal and can be influenced by external opinions. Harvard Business Review studies found ‘busy culture’ or the concept of busyness dramatically impacts productivity and personal growth. Further, by constantly prioritising work, boundaries with the personal lives of employees erode and impact wellbeing and relationships.

Successful people avoid busy culture

Successful people aim for maximum productivity and effectiveness, prioritising tasks based on their importance and expected impact.

To address busy culture in your own life, try these six steps:

1.Redefine productivity

Busy culture drives an obsession with the appearance of being busy, encouraging individuals to generate tasks as a marker of success and hard work. Therefore, conquering busyness requires resetting your mindset. By changing how you think, you can change your perception of success. Redefining what productivity means to you opens up the opportunity to refocus your daily schedule.

2.Consider your own values

Your own values should guide your decision making about your career, home life and personal view of success. Busy culture relies on the cultural impact of following the lead of others, which can be disrupted by choosing your own path. Determining your own version of success can redirect your time and energy, leading to increased creativity and happiness.

3.Make time for nature

Taking time to be outside, whether for exercise, or just with a cup of coffee, can help to improve relaxation and creativity, and reduce stress. Remember to take breaks from your computer, for your physical and mental wellbeing. These breaks are instrumental to staying true to your values and personal goals.

4.Create a personalised schedule

Good time management skills are imperative to defeating busy culture. Balancing your time with family, work, exercise and fun is critical for happiness. Further, allocating time for tasks leads to improved effectiveness. Track your time for a few days to see where you are spending too much or too little time. This practice may help you to use your time more effectively.

5.Make time for fun

Don’t forget about the activities which you enjoy or are passionate about. Perhaps it is sport, baking or music… When you spend time enjoying yourself, you may be more relaxed, reduce stress and become more able to manage time effectively.

6.Prioritise rest and time away

Busy culture relies on the idea that we can work endlessly. However, rest and relaxation are crucial for your wellbeing. Take time with your family or friends, plan a vacation or break. A break from digital devices and social media may help to reduce stress and help your body to recover from particularly challenging periods. Being people-centered means that you should avoid frustrating employees because you’re too strict and avoid them from taking advantage of you. You should know how to balance flexibility and expectations.


Busy culture impacts productivity by prioritising work for the sake of appearing to be busy and successful. Redefining success by your own values is associated with better wellbeing and improved satisfaction with life. Taking the time to prioritise your work activities, balance your time and increasing rest, is likely to increase your success in the future.