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11 Tips to Increase Productivity and Reduce Overtime

11 Tips To Increase Productivity and Reduce Overtime
11 Tips To Increase Productivity and Reduce Overtime

Overtime increases labor costs but also contributes to burnout and lower well-being. Finding the right balance can improve your profit and the happiness of your employees. Reducing overtime is essential for a company as it can benefit your staff and the overall success of your business. 📈

To optimize workflows, create a more positive work environment and help your business thrive, follow our 11 tips to increase productivity and reduce overtime. ⏰

Let’s take a closer look into why it’s important:

Why is increasing productivity and reducing overtime important?

Increasing productivity and reducing overtime is vital due to its positive impact on your business. Employees working too much overtime can increase stress levels and burnout, which may have a negative effect on their job performance. 

Furthermore, employees will have a better work-life balance, feel more engaged and become more motivated at work if overtime is reduced.😊

Increasing productivity will benefit your business as your employees will be more focused and willing to help your business thrive. If employees are productive, they’ll work to a higher performance level and work hard to succeed.🤔

Here are 11 tips to increase productivity and reduce overtime:

1. Adopt a flexible schedule🗓

Having a flexible schedule will be beneficial for everyone. Employees can choose when they are most productive and happy to work in this setup. Flexible schedules can also reduce employee absences. If a flexible schedule doesn’t suit your business, try to find the most appropriate plan you can.

At Mytommy, we offer an elite employee scheduling software to help you stay as organized and productive as possible. With visual features for a streamlined process, and the option of automatic reminders and calendar updates, our scheduling software is the way forward for flexibility and organization. 📆

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Source: Zippia

2. Reduce meetings👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽

Meetings are often helpful, but sometimes they can be time-consuming and reduce productivity in the workplace. Meetings can hinder productivity due to a lack of preparation, increased distractions and multitasking and changes to schedules and plans. 🗣

According to a study, an estimated $37 billion is lost per year to unproductive meetings. The time spent in meetings can be used to finish other tasks, so aim to set a standard for shorter and fewer meetings or use efficient phone calls as a replacement to manage your time more effectively.

Digital task management softwares can keep your time as productive as possible, as you’ll waste less time. Boost productivity by keeping the number of meetings to a minimum, limiting the number of people, and creating a solid call to action for employees to follow up with.

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Source:  Zippia

3. Avoid unnecessary overtime

Emphasize work-life balance in your workplace to reduce stress. Remove ‘overtime culture’ from your business by emphasizing the importance of sticking to regular hours. ⏳ Unnecessary overtime can lead to employee burnout and increased stress levels, hindering productivity and motivation. 

By avoiding unnecessary overtime, employees’ productivity at work will increase, as well as their well-being. ☺️Your employees will likely stick around for longer with an improved work-life balance and a more positive outlook. Extensive overtime may also fail to meet employment laws, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

A healthy work-life balance is extremely important and according to a study, 72% of workers believe work-life balance is very important when choosing a job, and 57% of job-seekers say a poor work-life balance is a dealbreaker when they’re considering a new job.

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Source: Zippia

4. Provide appropriate equipment and resources👩‍💻

Allocate appropriate resources for tasks to increase productivity, decrease overtime and help employees work smarter. Using our software to plan and manage tasks, projects, and time will give you more flexibility and tools to manage and assign tasks. 

Mytommy’s extensive features can also assist in these tasks. From messaging platforms to team communication, you can keep everyone up to date with the resources on offer. Automation of reporting, communication, training and onboarding will streamline your business and save time and money.

5. Limit overtime hour⏰

Your Human Resources team is responsible for calculating and allocating appropriate overtime based on employment arrangements. Ensure policies are written and shared with employees and their managers to streamline and limit overtime hours. If employees endure too much overtime, it may be a health and safety issue, and they may fail to comply with laws.

Mytommy’s time and attendance software effectively keeps track of time and attendance, ensuring all employees are fulfilling their designated hours and avoiding too much overtime.✅

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6. Observe your team's performance ⭐️

Assessing performance begins with reviewing tasks, time management and communication. Checking the allocation of resources and time can assist in improving productivity. 

To keep productivity levels and the engagement rate of your staff high, make sure you look at patterns and performances so you can make changes if necessary and alter times to post specific tasks or assignments.

If your team is taking a while to complete tasks, you’ll be able to alter the allocation process and find ways to increase workplace productivity. 

Furthermore, you may notice distractions hindering your team’s performance, like social media or Instagram engagements. 📱If so, you can implement measures to increase their productivity. According to a study, 47% of people use social media at work, creating distractions and a lack of productivity. 

Teach your employees about productivity techniques, like the Pomodoro technique, time blocking and the benefit of taking short breaks. Communicate with your team and offer them the chance to voice their opinions, and you can consider any comments they raise to ensure they remain as productive as possible.👍

7. Cross-train employees🤓

Cross-train your employees to do various tasks so the responsibilities are shared, reducing overtime and the likelihood of burnout. By cross-training employees, they’ll feel more motivated due to a more developed range of skills, leading to increased productivity as they feel more able to contribute at work.

Cross-training employees will result in a more productive workforce, increasing efficiency, teamwork, employee versatility and a positive work environment for employees due to the extra roles and responsibilities.

According to a study, 74% of employees expressed that they aren’t reaching their full potential due to a lack of employee development opportunities, suggesting the importance of cross-training.

8. Match staff availability to demand

In most businesses, there are peak periods where business requirements are very high and other periods where the demand is lessened. Scheduling and planning for these peaks and troughs can prevent high overtime costs and smooth productivity. 📈📉

By matching availability to demand, the need for overtime and the risk of burnout and fatigue will reduce. By keeping an organized schedule, employees will feel more engaged, and the workflow will be more efficient and productive.

9. Monitor overtime patterns ⌚️

To improve your company’s overall efficiency, monitor overtime patterns to ensure your workforce is as efficient as possible. Using Mytommy scheduling software, you can monitor your employees by identifying teams or people requiring more time.

Furthermore, you can reduce overtime costs, comply with labor laws, and streamline your workflow by keeping track of productivity. By monitoring patterns and employee tendencies, you can put any necessary measures in place to avoid employee burnout, stress and keep your workforce as efficient as possible. 

According to a study, the market for productivity management software is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 14.2%, suggesting the positive influence it has on businesses. 

MyTommy’s workforce analytics system will allow you to predict future patterns, and you can put measures in place to remain on top of your workforce and increase productivity. Furthermore, Mytommy’s timesheets efficiently monitor and organize your employee’s work time. Look at unscheduled time, make manual edits and remain productive and organized.

10. Set up an overtime policy ☝️⏱

An overtime policy is crucial to managing and monitoring overtime across your business. Consider local, state and federal laws and consult legal professionals when necessary. Policies should include the processes and rules for overtime to set expectations for employers and employees.

If you are changing the overtime policy, explain how you intend to assist everyone in adhering to the new overtime restrictions. Your policy should be tailored to your business’s needs and establish clear guidelines for all employees. 

Time is money

11. Lead by example 👏🏽

Managers should model the behavior they wish to see in the business. Make sure your management team is only using overtime when necessary and are using the above techniques to lead by example. Spend time organizing and scheduling to ensure your employees remain productive, and take on board any measures put in place.

Exercise these tips yourself to increase engagement, motivation and productivity and create a positive and efficient work environment. 👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽

The reality is that

Overtime can be avoided and managed by using an appropriate schedule, reducing meetings, changing your business’s culture, allocating appropriate resources, planning policies and modeling behavior. 

Utilize online softwares to create a productive work environment with motivated and productive employees without unnecessary overtime.

Try out these tips for your business and share your results in the comments!