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Deliver Clients Value

Deliver Clients Value

Save time and money for your existing clients.

Grow Together

Grow Together

Use our Expert network to find new customers.

Sync with Payroll

Sync with Payroll

Integrations for smooth payroll


Get More Value For Your Clients

Get More Value For Your Clients

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The percentage of the base subscription fee for Tommy that the referring partner will receive. This does not include revenue within the Tommy Marketplace such as additional fees for third party themes, mini programs, or integrations.

(12 Months)



Each month you will receive the latest updates on all things Tommy. This may include summary details of your activity in the previous month and performance suggestions from our partner program team and community
A single point of contact within Tommy that can assist you with growing and getting the most out of the program.
Invitations to undertake training within the Partner Academy (currently invite only) with assessments and credentials issued on successful completion.
Receive opportunities to bid for jobs within the Tommy Experts Marketplace and charge for support / services. Includes directory listing with partner badges and certifications list.
Membership invitation to the Tommy Developer Program including the Tommy SDK, ability to develop, submit, and sell Themes, Mini Programs and Integrations within the Tommy Marketplace and for use within private teams. Subject to additional Tommy Developer terms.
Experts Marketplace allows for direct engagement though Gold level Partners may on application and approval maintain direct billing relationships (invoiced accounts) with customers including base subscription fees. This is not a default, please contact us for details.

(Experts Only)

(Contact Us)

Receive 1-on-1 support from Tommy for large or complex implementations.

Tommy’s Product Roadmap is the result of ongoing collaboration with all major stakeholders, this
in particular includes Gold level Partners.

Tommy may include Gold Partners within joint / cooperative marketing opportunities.





Source new clients to create accounts on Tommy. This must be done within the terms of the
relevant terms and conditions.

Follow through sales work to assist clients into becoming paid subscribers.

Assist new clients in getting Tommy up and running with a successful implementation. This may
include the partner charging their own independent fees directly to the client for this assistance

Assist referred clients with support questions (in particular around implementation / best
practices for a successful rollout). It is common for partners to have a direct billing relationship
with clients and to charge their own fees to provide this additional support to clients



Continuous Innovation

Tommy is committed to pioneering innovation in the employee experience space. Seeking to improve the productivity and wellbeing of today’s workforce.


Commitment to Service

Partners work hand-in-hand with our dedicated Partner service teams to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. Tommy is focused on long term relationships that are built on communication, trust, and consistency.


Depending on what you’re looking to achieve there are many options in which to partner with Tommy. If the options listed above do not provide a clear direction for you, please contact us so that we may understand the services you currently offer and how a partnership will help your business.

Partners receive access to advanced product knowledge courses that outline key capabilities and limitations of various features offered by
Tommy as well as summaries of key selling points and answers to commonly asked questions. Tommy Partners are also provided with an
Implementation Toolkit and various step by step guides that are reviewed regularly for improvement

Resources do very based on the type of Partner you are and at what level of engagement you have though you should find what is provided to
be sufficient to your needs. If you have something specific in mind that you cannot already find, please reach out to your dedicated partner
account manager. The tools and resources provided to Partners are constantly being improved and your input would be appreciated.

Yes. Referring someone via your custom link or code will automatically include the referrals into your account though if you are following up
with an opportunity offline or via other means, you should register that opportunity within your Partner account so that you can claim your

Depending on your specific application, it may take anywhere from 48 hours for basic Affiliate approval and for more advanced Partner types
such as Expert and Tommy Developers, it may take from two to several days to complete the training and assessment criteria.

Support Linked accounts are one of the biggest benefits of the Tommy Partner Program. Clients can choose to link their account with their
Partner which will enable their designated Partner access to admin level privileges to provide team configuration changes and mini program,
theme and integration installations. Partners are also provided with a dashboard summary of Support Linked accounts so they can check on the
health of those Client accounts from one view.

Support Linked accounts are however at the digression of the Client and without that authority Partners can only see summary of totals (and
averages) that are de-identified and consolidated for their own commission accounting purposes.


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