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Join Tommy’s Trusted Partner Program for Business Consultants

Join Tommy’s Trusted Partner Program for It Support(MSPS)

While you may wear many hats like Advisors, Analysis, Coaches, and Project Managers in name a few, your pragmatic approach is invaluable when clients need to see the forest from the tree. Tommy would like to be one of the many tools in your toolkit to provide your clients more visibility and accountability across their operations.

Deliver Clients Value

Deliver Clients Value

Save time and money for your existing clients.

Grow Together

Grow Together

Use our Expert network to find new customers.

Sync with Payroll

Manage Change

Tommy on staff devices enables two way door implementations of extras.


Benefits of Tommy’s Trusted Partner

Exclusive Pricing

Gain savings for your clients with subscription pricing offers only available via Trusted Partners.

Grow Your Revenue

Expand your practice with our Experts portal and offer new services in the Payroll and employee experience space.

Partners Dashboard

Easily link client data within one dashboard that gives you oversight and suggestions for follow-up activities.

Improve Client Operations

Help your clients save thousands annually by reducing timesheet padding and admin overhead.

Earn Trust

Be the authority on business and promote best practices for scheduling, time and attendance

Expert Support

Tommy will assign a personal representative for all your product and partner program support needs.


Continuous Innovation

Tommy is committed to pioneering innovation in the employee experience space. Seeking to improve the productivity and wellbeing of today’s workforce.


Commitment to Service

Partners work hand-in-hand with our dedicated Partner service teams to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. Tommy is focused on long term relationships that are built on communication, trust, and consistency.


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Long-term success requires proactive attention on emotional & physical employee welfare.

Low Hanging Fruit
5 mins

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The furious sad glad retrospective is a data collection used during the sprint retrospective ceremony.

Low Hanging Fruit
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