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What is a Boomerang Employee?

Originating from the famed Australian bush weapon that returns to the hand that threw it, a boomerang employee is an employee who left an employer only to return to them later in a new role. A boomerang employee offers major benefits over a traditional outside hire. Rehiring an employee who is familiar with your organisation, culture and practices means that their onboarding will be much faster (if it’s necessary at all), they will be a better culture fit, and most importantly they’ll be a productive member of your organisation in no time at all. In addition to the above, there are a number of benefits to the team dependent on the role the returning employee assumes. The “Boomerang ” is derived from a famous Australian jungle weapon, which will return to the hands of the person who threw it. a boomerang employee refers to an employee who leaves the employer and then returns to the employer in a new role. Compared with traditional external employment methods, the “boomerang employee ” provides many benefits. Rehiring an employee who is familiar with your organization, culture and practices means that they will integrate into your organization faster (if this is necessary), they will adapt to your culture better, and most importantly, they will become a productive member of your organization in a short time. In addition to the above-mentioned, depending on the role assumed by the returning employees, the team has many benefits. For example, a boomerang manager returns to the company, it will be easier for him to adapt to the new environment and to manage the new team. Employees who are managed by a manager who is experienced in their culture and practices will be happier and more efficient than those who work under the leadership of “outsiders.”

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