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Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling
Made Easy

Powerful employee scheduling software focused on a happier employee experience, promoting respectful communication, scheduling and time and attendance.

Save yourself from staffing dramas, save time and reduce errors with Tommy’s smart employee schedule app. Having the right people on-shift, in the right place, at the right time and you’ll have happy staff and happy customers.



Automated Employee Schedules

Generate schedules for optimum staffing with rules based automations. Automatically considers location preferences, skill requirements, work time details and employee contracts. Conflict free scheduling aligned with business demand and supporting employee preference.


The 10,000 Foot View You Have Always Wanted

Manage employee scheduling with location dashboards that match your need for smooth operations today and to help you spot trends from a distance. Quickly see and edit your upcoming shifts, who is currently on shift, who’s on leave, and skill availability.
Employee Scheduling


Drag & Drop Simplicity

Employee scheduling does not need to be difficult. Create a shift, or even a template, drag it onto the calendar and click publish. Employees are automatically notified of changes to their schedules, asked for confirmations or if they want an open shift that does not conflict with your business rules.

Open Shifts

Publish unassigned shifts so that qualifying employees can express interest with manual or rules based approval.


Schedule Weeks In Advance

Publish your schedules for today, next week, or next month, no restrictions on how far in advance you can plan.


Recurring Shifts

Automate your employee scheduling further and setup templates for weekly, or monthly recurring shifts.


Shift Reminders

Let Tommy send automatic reminders for shifts. This can be for every shift, for select employees, even for set periods following no-shows.


Calendar Updates

Keep your personal calendars updated on new, rescheduled or cancelled shifts. Get instant notifications on iOS or Android.


Your Shifts Your Way

Allow employees to see who they are working with on a shift, or who is currently clocked-on.


Significant Other Approved

Tommy knows it’s tools are used on and off the clock so to get the full picture of what is good, bad, or down right ugly, we’ve included the significant other of our users in our product feedback reviews to help guide our product development. The good news is that Tommy is Partner Approved



Tools For Happy & Healthy Teams

Great organisations don’t force success. They foster a culture where success grows naturally. Actively seeking improvements to sustain and enhance their culture. Employee Apps provide new ways to innovate and engage in this area.

See More Features

GPS Time Tracking


Clock on and clock off in the field with GPS and Selfie capture.


Setting Icon

Accurate timesheets with manual and automatic approvals.

Time Clock Kiosk

Clock In/Out from a single kiosk device using unique pin code (from their app).

More About Employee Scheduling

If you have a reoccurring schedule that works for a specific location (or all locations), you can save it as a template. Using shift templates you can quickly schedule weeks in advance and optionally auto-reassign employees or make them open shifts by default. With the flexibility to save an individual shift, a day, or a week as a template it makes it simple and quick work to streamline your employee scheduling.
Employees prefer a higher level of ownership over their working hours. This has often been difficult to achieve with manual scheduling as preferred work times can change 24/7. The right scheduling software can efficiently account for ever changing employee availability and preferences while ensuring the right skills are on shift at the right time.

Tommy allows you to create your schedule as a draft, only visible to team managers. Click the Publish button to the entire schedule or a specific shift,
and Tommy will take care of the rest. Notifying team members of new shifts, changes to existing assigned shifts, or notify them (if they qualify) of
open shifts.

Schedule Manager allows you to view your schedule however you like. Select from views sorted by Role, by Employee, or by Shift with a smart team member selector that allows you to easily assign the right team member for the shift.
The best shift scheduling software is the one that ensures the right people are in the right place at the right time for optimal performance. It should also be simple to use and save managers and their team members time both on and off the clock.

Effortlessly Beautiful

Keep on brand by customising background images, icons, styling as well as day and night mode options.

Custom Permissions

Highly customised user groups with adjusted permissions based on schedule / time clocking status.

Real-time Collaboration

Work with your team in real time just as you would communicate with your family on Facebook.

Custom Mini Programs

Need something highly specific for your team? Build your own Mini Programs that run within your Team only or offer to others via marketplace.

Connect & Engage

Share and discuss announcements, photos, documents and more via your News Feed with optional “Read/Done confirmation”.

Employee Import

Kick start your on-boarding time to value by quickly importing your team members from csv template.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) comes with risks. Tommy is working on Remote Wipe and other EMM tools to minimise your risks.


Tommy by default is in line with WCAG standards making it accessible and easy on the eye.

Skills Tracking

Always have the correct Skills available on shift. Tag employees with Skills and mark shifts with skill requirements.