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Restaurant Employee Scheduling

Restaurant employee scheduling software can help to manage all kinds of staff in the hotel, including managers, waiters, bartenders, waiter assistants, hosts and waitresses, and kitchen staff. Mytommy scheduling software can manage scheduling events such as shifts and vacation requests, while allowing easier command flow and smoother employee processes. There are many factors to consider when arranging restaurant staff schedules. Including employee availability, training, certifications, time-off requests, etc. Prior to this, this scheduling arrangement task was a very tedious and tedious thing. Now, with employee software, hotel managers can easily create streamlined, time-efficient employee schedules. In Mytommy, employee files are included in the schedule. If an employee has only been trained as a waiter assistant, then they cannot be arranged as a waiter foreman. The digital work schedule can track the availability of employees, so as a manager, you don’t have to search under endless notes to know when your chief bartender is requesting a vacation Mytommy also allows employees to change shifts with appropriately trained colleagues. In this way, the employees can use their time more efficiently, for example, eliminating the hassle of calling a list of employees from the break room. Mytommy scheduling software also takes into account the weather factor, which is an important factor that any business in the hotel industry needs to consider. If your terrace, deck or other open-air area is not fully utilized, Mytommy will combine the latest weather data to help plan for better bottom-line results When you can see a snapshot of your labor costs, the employee scheduling system works best. Mytommy’s intelligent software system can more easily compare expected sales and expected labor costs, thereby helping you manage your budget. Using scheduling software like Mytommy can simplify the restaurant’s schedule and make it no longer a difficult task.

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