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Call Center Employee Scheduling

Call center employee scheduling refers to the scheduling of employees working in the call center. This usually involves creating a weekly schedule and assigning shifts to employees on a daily basis. The schedule is usually carried out by the manager or supervisor. Once the schedule is created, employees will know their upcoming shifts immediately. Shifts are often changed or exchanged between different employees, and some condition (leave/availability) needs to be considered when creating a schedule. A well-functioning employee schedule plan will increase the managers’ visibility and control and let employees clearly know their expectations regarding upcoming shifts and responsibilities. In the past, call centers may use some traditional methods, such as spreadsheet software, paper rosters, or computer programs, to manage employees’ work arrangements. But now more and more call centers are now adopting cloud-based scheduling and labor management platforms to simplify these processes. These platforms may include employee scheduling, time and attendance, task assignment, communication and employee feedback tools.

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