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Human Resources Definition

Human resources, also known as personnel management, covers a series of functions, including recruitment, training, staff assessment, staff compensation, staff transfer, and dismissal; representing the company to mediate between employees and/or managers; and enforcing government labor laws And federal tax laws.

Organizational human resource management plays a vital role in the operation of enterprises of any size. Under human resource management, employees are usually called “human capital” and are managed by human resource personnel. The people of an organization are one of its most important assets.
Like any other core asset, organizations seek to maximize employee productivity, reduce risk, and increase return on investment.
Others regard human resources as advocating the rights and interests of employees in the organization. Ideally, these should be closely integrated with the organization’s goals and achieved them.
The definition of “human resources” was first proposed by John R. Commons, a pioneer of modern economists, in his book “The Distribution of Wealth” published in 1893. Then in the early 1900s , the first American companies set up human resources departments.
In the beginning, their responsibilities were mainly to educate employees on company policies, train employees, deal with employee complaints, and dismiss company employees.

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