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Leave Management

Leave Management

Easily track PTO balances and manage time off requests within your Tommy powered employee experience.

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Leave Balances

Custom Leave Policies

Leave management that is configurable for your need. Optionally enable leave balances to be shown within your employee experience. Specify your own leave types to suit your need, including:

Time Off Requests

Time Off Requests

Easy to use leave management that is ideal for shift based workplaces. Empower your team to submit time off requests from desktop, or mobile app, see the requests impact to their balances and give manages access to approve/decline requests on the go.

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Tommy's Leave Management System FAQs

Leave Management within Tommy is part of a broader range of options for managing availability. See your plan details for more information or the Pricing page for more details.

Absence management is a term typically used for the management of unplanned employee absences from scheduled shifts. Business will often have a range of policies and procedures in place to mitigate this risk with newer systems including some degree of absence forecasting. 

The term “Leave management software” refers to the software used to track the planned absences of employees. Typical functions of leave management software include a balance of each leave type that an employee is entitled to take, the leave policies details for how the employee is issued and can use those entitlements (such as by accrual), and a system for managing the employees request to use their leave (the yes/no from management) to ensure leave is taken but with minimal impact to operations.


Smarter Scheduling

Smart Employee Rota

When employee scheduling and leave management are within the one employee experience, the scheduling process is more informed.

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