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As Tommy Partners, how you conduct yourself, your business, and deliver services has a direct and valuable impact on the perception of Tommy and the quality of the eco-system. Tommy has developed this outline of requirements and expectations of what is acceptable and unacceptable, and how violations of these guidelines are addressed.
It is in the best interest and the responsibility of all Tommy Partners to ensure they are compliant and maintain a positive experience for safe and successful marketplace.

Unacceptable and prohibited behaviour

The following list of activities have been identified as likely to cause the Tommy eco-system harm. Tommy reserves the right monitor for existence of these activities and to take disciplinary measures including, but not limited to, removal from the Experts marketplace and if the infractions are severer, Tommy Partner(s) involved maybe removed from the Tommy Partner program.

  • Partners receiving a high volume of complaints from teams.
  • Spamming.
  • Misrepresenting your identity, or abilities.
  • Promoting non-relevant businesses, websites, or third-party services.
  • Harassment, bullying, threats, abusive or improper language, hate speech, violent messages, or anything that is similarly inappropriate as decided by the sole discretion of Tommy.
  • Fake or false reviews, incentivising feedback, assisting teams to complete feedback.
  • Using or attempting to use another person’s account or information.
  • Adding code, files, or programs that is intended to damage, limit, or disrupt the general operation of a team on Tommy, or that would be in violation of any applicable Policy.
  • Disclosing sensitive data such as private or confidential information relating to teams or partners.
  • Retaining team information for personal gain.
  • Opening multiple Partner Accounts.
  • Using Tommy for any unlawful purposes.
  • Using unlicensed or trademarked content.
  • Any activity determined by Tommy to be in violation of any of any applicable Policy.

Quality standard

Tommy Expert Marketplace maintains a high standard of service to ensure expectations are met and the overall eco-system is healthy. Tommy has set forth these standards for ongoing participation in the Expert Marketplace. Reports either singular or multiple, may result in suspension or removal from the Experts Marketplace.

  • Address questions and concerns within initial proposal reply.
  • Respond to all job invites in a friendly and promptly manner.
  • Meet due dates that have been communicated to teams.
  • Set realistic expectations before beginning jobs.
  • Communicate and agree on timeline changes well before due dates.
  • Complete Expert profiles honestly, including only services which you are fully competent.