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Messaging Teams

Within the Tommy Experts section of the Partner Dashboard you can view a list of all tenders, this can be used to quick link to chats underway with prospective or current clients.

When reviewing proposals clients are recommended to initiate chats with Partner(s) they wish to interview prior to acceptance of a proposal. Only clients may initiate a chat though once they do the new chat will appear within the Tommy Messaging system on the Partner Dashboard, where you may use all the standard features to discuss your collaboration, agree on the terms, initiate the project, and afterward successful completion, collect feedback that contributes to your Expert Profile.


Note: Access to Messaging is a Permission within the Partner Dashboard. Any user that has access to messaging will be able to see and add themselves into these conversations.


How Do Prospective Clients Find You?

The Tommy Experts Marketplace is focused on 1-to-1 introductions with client projects. Clients go to the Expert Marketplace and create a Job, from there the Tommy Experts team will invite all matched Partners to indicate their interest. Once interest is confirmed the client has the opportunity to review all messages/pitches and is free to open a chat with Partner(s) they wish to obtain a proposal.


Accepting an invitation for proposal

To accept, Partners must read the job details and reply with a message/pitch to the client, including any questions for the client. Personalized responses are recommended.


Declining request for proposal

If you don’t believe the job is a match for your business, then no response to the invite is necessary though you can optionally click the “decline” link on the job for your own records when viewing jobs list.