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Creating dev teams

To enable Tommy Partners to do their best for clients and the broader eco-system Partners can create free development teams. Each dev team has the features of Tommy Plus but with development limitations.

Development Teams are ideal for:

  • Getting Partners familiar with Tommy’s functions, using a dev team to trial features for product knowledge / training purposes.
  • Creating staged team accounts for prospective clients.
  • Developers: Install and test mini programs, themes, and integrations in a sandboxed environment.

Dev Team account limitations

  • Messaging: Internal Team Member messaging only.
  • Messaging: Adding and communicating with external contacts is restricted.
  • Messaging: Throttled to 10 message per minute for whole account.
  • Scheduling: Create unlimited schedules though notifications on publishing count towards message limits.
  • Mini Programs: Installing 3 development mini programs per team.
  • Mini Programs: Can only install free or Partner approved mini programs and themes.
  • Team Members: Invitation notifications are not sent until handover. Invites do not send emails/sms.
  • Team Members: Preview team member invitations and access expire every 30 days.
  • Core: Left menu shows “Developer Mode” watermark at the top.