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Employee Skill Mapping

Skill Mapping

Assign skills to employees and to shifts as requirements for smart scheduling. Also see a matrix of skills within the team.

skill mapping


Skill Requirements On Shifts

Ensure you always have the right skills on the clock. Assign skills as requirements for shifts so that only team members with current matching skills maybe assigned, or in the case of an Open Shift, apply for the shift.


Team Member Skills Matrix

Assign skills to team member records that will enable them to be assigned to shifts with these skill requirements.

Coming Soon:
See location level summary of skill levels + availability.


Skill Mapping FAQs

Yes. Skills are like “Tags” assigned to a team member. You can create your own for whatever scenario you require.

Common examples of how teams have used skills include covid vaccination status, site inductions, recipe/menu knowledge. Skills can be created to serve many purposes.

Currently skills do not have levels associated to them. If you require this you currently must create a Skill for each level required. Tommy is looking to add levels / ratings to skills for better skill mapping. If this is important to you please let support know.



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