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As a Tommy Partner, once you have complete a job you can build your profile by requesting feedback from your client. Reviews contribute towards your credibility with prospective clients in the future seeking Experts for similar services. Feedback is shared within your Experts profile and available to see along with your pitch to prospective clients. Tommy does plan to open an Expert Directory in the future where people may browser Experts and read their feedback prior to sending their own direct job invitations. This expansion is not in the immediate term though it is recommended for Partners to be considering building their reputation early.

Requesting feedback

Feedback requests can only be made by the team admin’s of a Managed Team towards the Tommy Partner that is their designated manager. The ideal time to request a review is immediately after the transfer from development team to the client.


  1. Sign into your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Go to Managed Teams.
  3. Click on the team you want to request feedback from.
  4. Click the Request Feedback link.

Responding to feedback

Feedback received by clients can optionally be replied to from within the Partner Dashboard. Tommy recommends that feedback is responded to in a timely manner and to engage with negative feedback constructively.


  1. Sign into your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Go to Experts > Feedback.
  3. Select the feedback you wish to reply, and click the Reply link.
  4. Complete the form, then click Submit.

Tips for feedback responses

Reviews are part of everyday live in the digital world. Positive or negative they help paint the picture of your brand. It is responding to acknowledge and engage with feedback received regardless of if it is positive, negative, real or not. Tommy has prepared a brief list of tips to help engage constructively with feedback.

  • Thank the team for the feedback.
  • Add a call to action like “If you know others in need of our service. Please let them know about us”.
  • Be personal and specific. Let the reviewer know that you have taken the time to make a personal reply.
  • Include your business name and keywords.


  • Show that you appreciate and value the feedback.
  • Thank them for bringing something to your attention.
  • Show empathy to their experience.
  • Move conversation. Give reviewer a way to reach out to you to discuss or resolve.

No matter the review is negative or positive, sometimes things are just outside of one’s control or there are misunderstandings around expectations. Replying to feedback shows clients that you are attentive and taking a proactive approach.