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Getting Paid

Tommy Partners have multiple methods in which to earn revenue based on their participation in the Tommy eco-system. Earnings and some options of the Partner program do vary based on your country/region and the country/region of the teams you onboard.

Tommy maybe required in some countries/regions to charge you taxes on its fees or to pay out taxes on your referral income in some cases. Taxes very based on your country/region, the type of activity you’ve performed. It is important to maintain accurate tax information within your account settings as this can impact your earnings. You may in some cases also be responsible for remitting taxes to the relevant government authorities.

How Tommy Calculates Earnings

Referral earnings are based on the subscription plan fee paid by the referred team account owner to Tommy, net of any discounts, credits, or taxes.

Mini Program and Theme earnings are calculated on the once off or periodic payment for use by the team account owner to Tommy.

To learn how you can earn money in the Tommy Partner Program, refer to Tommy Partner Earnings.

Only payments from team account owners that have been released into Tommy’s accounts and without any obligation to return are considered valid and eligible for inclusion within partner earnings.

Here are some common things that will impact Tommy Partner earnings:

  • If a team account is given a free trial as part of the onboarding process, then referral earnings are paid out only after their first subscription fee payment.
  • If a payment fails, then partner earnings related to that payment are only valid and payable after the payment has been retired and successfully processed.

Minimum Activity Requirement

Tommy Partners can earn on a recurring basis for Associate, Partner, or Managed team referrals. Earnings are calculated monthly for as long as both your referrals and you remain active. Tommy Partners must complete one new team account referral every 12 months to be considered active. You can see your referral activity and last activity date within the Partner Dashboard.

There is no minimum activity requirement on earnings related to mini programs or themes.

Minimum Payment

Tommy Partners can control from the Partner Dashboard their payment threshold that must be between $100USD and $8000USD. Tommy does impose a minimum of $100 USD in earnings before a payout is executable.

Referral earnings and earnings from the sale of mini programs or themes are calculated and treated separately and might be treated differently for tax purposes depending on your country/region and that of the customer. The minimum payment threshold applies individually to each type of earnings.

Payment Schedule

Earnings are accrued on a monthly basis and when thresholds have been met pay outs will be processed after five business days into the new month. Earnings will accrue into the following period if below the threshold. As the Tommy Partner Program develops, we do envision a more frequent pay out schedule.

Payment Method

Tommy Partners are paid in USD if outside Australia and AUD if within Australia. Payouts are made to the payout method selected within the Partner Dashboard with options including PayPal, Wire Transfer, and if within Australia, PayID.

If your payment receiving method requires that Tommy’s payout transaction be converted into another currency then any related currency conversion fee and exchange rate is your own responsibility and between your payment receiving method and yourself.

Identity Verification and Compliance

In some countries/regions it maybe a requirement for Tommy to verify your identity prior to processing a payout. In some cases you might be required to complete additional verification or country/region specific documents from time to time as necessary. (Example: Some countries require declarations when earning or receiving payments over certain thresholds).

If your Tommy Partners account is in the name of a business then you may need further identity verification prior to receiving first payouts.

Tommy will notify you by email with any document requested to be uploaded within the Partner Dashboard only. Tommy will never ask for documents to be sent over email.

Transaction History

Tommy Partners can track upcoming and previous transactions from the Payments section of the Partner Dashboard. Monthly earnings will be new transactions for each activity type (referral earnings or mini program/theme earnings). Separate transactions will exist for taxes and fees (where applicable), and payouts processed.

Transactions can be exported in CSV format though may transactions will also link to its related invoices for your records. Tommy issues invoices to record any commission or tax that may be collected in connection to activities such as mini program or theme sales.

Payment Method

If you have any questions about payments upcoming or historical, please contact Partner Support.