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Once a Client has reviewed your pitch and initiated a conversation with you, you can then discuss their specific needs, which will inform the scope of work required for inclusion in a proposal.

When preparing your proposal, we recommend the following:

  • Define the work that you will do in order to meet the client’s needs.
  • Set realistic expectations for the works progress.
  • If larger job, create milestones, including proportional payments for each stage.

Include all relevant details about the work you aim to achieve to improve your chance the Client will accept your proposal. Starting a project with clear, open communication also improves the likelihood of a successful project and positive feedback.

If a client does not accept your proposal, please use their feedback to improve your proposals for future submissions.

Tommy does not provide an interface for compiling your proposal, that is for the pitch aspect of the marketplace only. This allows Partners to use their own tools to submit custom proposals how they typically would other clients (using their own software and unique approach).


Proposal best practices

As a Tommy Partner, you can create your own proposals for prospective clients. We do recommend for a successful project that the following elements are included in your proposal:

  • Services
    Include a list of the services you are offering as part of your project, these should correlate to the area of Tommy being worked on and your expertise.
  • Proposed work
    Based on your conversation with the Client include all specific features or tasks and how you intend to deliver the work. It is also advised to remove ambiguity by mentioned any potential related work that isn’t included in your proposal.
  • Milestones
    Larger projects should be broken down into multiple milestones. Each milestone should include the work will be completed, in what timeframe, and with what financial obligation attached.
  • Estimate time to completion
    Manage your clients expectations by providing a realistic and achievable estimate timeframe to deliver the work.
  • Terms and conditions
    Every Partner would have their own trading terms and conditions though in general we would recommend to include provisions for:
    • Date when job will begin.
    • Any circumstances that could impact the time to completion.
    • Typical response times or standard working hours, especially if client is within a different time zone.
  • Total cost
    The full amount for the successful project delivery.
  • Payment terms
    Tommy does not dictate payment terms or methods. Partners and Clients are welcome to negotiate their own preferences, schedules, methods, refund policy, extra charges, etc. These terms should be defined within your proposal.

Submitting proposal

Partners are free to continue a private dialog for engagement with the Client, though using Tommy’s preferred method, we recommend sending your proposal via the job details screen.
By clicking submit proposal on the job, you will be asked to provide a message (include any link if required for your proposal), a single PDF upload, and if required a request for collaborator access to their team account. This will be saved to the job and sent as a message to the Client for review.


Accepting proposal

When you submit your proposal, it is sent as a message to the Client along with quick action links on the message for Accept or Decline. Clicking Accept here, or on the job details screen will update the jobs status within your Partner Dashboard. If you have indicated in the proposal upload screen that you will require collaborator access to the Clients team account, after the Client accepts the proposal, we will immediately also prompt the Client to approve the relevant collaborator access requested.


Declining proposal

If the client elects not to proceed with the proposal they are requested to provide feedback. This feedback could be changes necessary before resubmission, or a note that the proposal is abandoned by the Client.