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Managing Accounts

Tommy Partners can add multiple team members to their Partner Dashboard and there are two types of users:

  • Admin
    Full permissions to all functions of the dashboard. They also have exclusive rights over team members and their access levels. There is currently only support for a single Admin per Tommy Partner.
  • Team Member
    Has limited access to only the functions enabled by Admin and no authority to manage other team members.

Editing team member permissions

Tommy Partner’s can specifically define the permissions for their Team Members access to the Partner Dashboard.
To change a Team Members permission, follow these steps:
  1. Login to Partner Dashboard and click Team
  2. Search for the Team Member you wish to manage and click their name.
  3. View the profile page of this team member and click the edit icon in the top right.
  4. Tick or Untick the permissions (see list below) that you authorise for the selected Team Member to have access.
  5. Click the Tick icon in the top right to save changes. New changes will be save immediately, though menu icons may appear or disappear on next refresh for the selected user.

Specific team member permissions



Team Members (view)

View other team members that have access to the dashboard. Edit rights exclusive to Admin only.

Referrals (manage)

View and manage Referrals section.

Referrals (view)

View the Referrals section.

Financials (manage)

View and manage transactions and payment details.

Financials (view)

View the Transactions section.

Managed Teams (view)

View the Managed Teams section. Maybe limited to specific team(s).

Managed Teams (support)

View and access support functions of the managed teams section. Maybe limited to specific team(s).

Developer (manage)

View API details. View/add/edit mini program, theme, and integration details. Monitor performance. Access to logs for export.

Managed Teams (manage)

View and edit managed teams section.

Development Teams (view)

View the Development Teams section.

Experts (view)

View the Experts section.

Development Teams (manage)

View, create, edit development teams.

Experts (tender)

View and tender on projects.

Developer (view)

View mini programs, themes, and integrations.

Experts (manage)

View and edit Experts listings and participation details.