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How to Jumpstart Your Business With a YouTube Channel


How to Jumpstart Your Business With a YouTube Channel


Are you considering launching a YouTube channel for your business? Given that over 2.6 billion YouTube users are worldwide, it’s wise to take advantage of the network’s enormous potential.

YouTube channels allow you to obtain visibility online and share your material with the rest of the world. It’s critical to have an online presence in addition to a YouTube channel. For example, a website can link to your YouTube channel and be a resource for potential customers.

Continue our guide for a complete list of steps to help you create and maintain a YouTube channel for a business.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Channels for Businesses

YouTube can be a brilliant tool for your business, but it has downsides. 

Here are the pros and cons of using a YouTube channel.

Pros of a YouTube Channel

  • You can incorporate links to your websites
  • There is no cost to starting a YouTube channel
  • You can share your business YouTube videos with your followers
  • It can help show leadership in your field
  • It can widen your exposure and reach

Cons of a YouTube Channel

  • You have limited control over distributing videos
  • There is no guarantee that anyone will see your videos
  • Other users can use your tags to promote information you don’t want people to see

The 13 Easy-To-Follow Steps to Create a YouTube Channel

We’ve broken down the basics of setting up a YouTube business channel to make this process easier for you.

To begin a YouTube channel, follow these simple steps.

How to Jumpstart Your Business With a YouTube Channel

1. Begin With The Fundamentals

YouTube makes setting up your company channel relatively simple, so do that first. Getting your new channel up and running only takes a few clicks. Starting a YouTube channel for your business is as easy as the following steps.


2. Build a Strong Online Presence 💻

Ensure you have a comprehensive online presence to support your YouTube channel after the basics are in place. 

Many people will want to discover more about you when they discover your channel, so they may look at your website and other social media accounts.

YouTube can be an excellent place to convert subscribers into buying customers because of the site’s massive popularity.

A survey found that YouTube is Australia’s joint most popular social media platform along with Facebook.


Source: Genroe

Ensure your website is up and operating so these people can locate it. With pre-made templates, you can rework an existing one to match your new YouTube channel’s look and feel.

The next step is to create or redesign your page on another social networking site in a similar fashion.

3. Fill in The "About" Section

To inform viewers about your web presence, you need to fill out the “About” section.

Fill up your profile and channel description. You’ll see this choice after creating a channel.

In this part, explain who you are as a company and what your channel is about. You may also use this space to connect to your website and any other social media accounts you have, like Instagram and Facebook. Many people will see your channel description, so make the most of the space you have.

4. Use Your Art to Express Yourself 🎨

A giant banner at the top of every YouTube channel displays the channel name. Because it’s your profile picture, you’ll want to maximize this opportunity to showcase your business.

It doesn’t matter if your cover photo is elaborate or simple. Just make sure that your brand is the main focus because it will be the first impression someone has upon entering. Fortunately, many various materials are available to help you make a start.

Also, you could hide meaning in the image to make your followers think and remember it.


YouTube advises submitting your cover photo at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a 4MB maximum file size. You may also use YouTube logos to advertise your brand on your website’s banner.

5. Know Your Audience

In the case of a YouTube channel for your business, there should be no problem finding material for your videos, as there are many ways to approach them.

Using video tutorials to teach your consumers how to use a difficult product may be an excellent strategy. A 2022 survey found that 6.6 million unique Australian viewers watched promotional content.

You can also use videos to display excellent feedback received from your clients. You can show reviews and film testimonials to expose your audience to more material.

Remember your business’s target audience while developing your YouTube content strategy. An effective inbound YouTube marketing strategy will attract new consumers. Customers who feel they are the focus will be more likely to inquire about your company’s offerings.

6. Make a Channel Trailer 🎦

You’ll want to make a YouTube channel trailer to accompany your channel image. Channel trailers allow new viewers to get a taste of your content. 

It is possible to introduce yourself, your company, and the type of material you will produce in the future. 

Before you make the trailer, you must have all the necessary equipment.


You will also need all this equipment to make YouTube videos.

7. Make Your First Official Video and Post It Online

After the trailer, you can release your first video.

After shooting and editing your video, upload it. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see an upload button when you log into your YouTube account.

8. Make Your Channel Search Engine Friendly 🔎

Your YouTube videos need a title, description, and tags when you post them. Don’t scrimp on these components if you want people to find your video.

YouTube has its own set of settings for optimizing your video for search, just like SEO for your website. Use keywords to describe the video and your company in these parts to the best of your abilities. 70% of Australian YouTube viewers watch what YouTube’s algorithm suggests, so getting it right is important.

You’ll be able to observe what works for your videos as you go along if you use a keyword-rich (but not overly heavy) title and description. If you play your cards well, your videos will be at the top of both YouTube and Google.


Source: SMPerth

9. Maintain a Steady Level of Effort

Creating a YouTube channel, uploading one video, and then abandoning it is not a recipe for success. 

Building a successful YouTube channel takes time and work, and viewers want the channels they follow to be consistent. Make a strategy for the following several videos after your first one.

Doubtful that you’ll have the time to record a video each week? It’s not an issue. For one day, take the time to film many videos and distribute them at your own pace. One of the best strategies to increase your YouTube subscribers and views is to stay consistent.


10. Integrate Your Website and Social Media with Your Channel 📱

Once your videos are on YouTube, it’s time to promote them outside the platform. Here are some ideas for displaying your videos on your website.


11. Participate in the Community

Businesses like yours can only thrive on YouTube if people actively watch and interact with the video content you produce. Engaging with viewers is an excellent method to create trust. This is vital if you aim to use your YouTube fame to make money.

You must interact with your viewers to develop a community around your channel. Comment on other people’s posts, ask questions, and listen to what they say. Engaging with viewers like this can leave a lasting impression if you do it right.


With a well-maintained community, you’ll almost certainly acquire free publicity through word of mouth.

12. Consider Putting Money into YouTube Advertising

To promote your brand to more customers, we propose using YouTube Ads. Whatever your starting point, you may find plenty of resources to help you.

YouTube Advertising may help you reach a certain demographic based on age, gender, interest, or geographic area.

Remember that with the appropriate mix of content and interaction, YouTube Ads may be the key to most of your growth.

13. Analyze, Improve, and Repeat


We all have room to improve. After it has a footing, you need to obtain a bird’s eye perspective of how your channel is doing. You may use YouTube Analytics to aid you along the road and to help you decide how to optimize your videos for the future.

If you want to learn more about your audience, YouTube’s Analytics function is an essential tool. It also enables you to understand why one video outperformed another. It’s a tremendous weapon for your burgeoning channel’s marketing arsenal.

Final Thoughts on Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Business


It’s no secret that mastering YouTube takes time. Setting up a new account, however, is relatively straightforward. Your channel will be up to speed quickly if you follow the steps outlined in our guide.

In creating a YouTube channel, there are a lot of things that you should consider. But the numerous advantages it could do to boost your business presence and sales are excellent.

If you want to find other ways to market your business to consumers, check out our blog on Tommy.