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Transferring team ownership

As a Tommy Partner, you can create multiple Development Teams to stage or preview client teams prior to handover. Once your client is happy, you can use the Partner Dashboard to transfer the team account to them to begin an active subscription.

Note: After a transfer of ownership request has been submitted and accepted, the transfer cannot be reversed.

Transfer Checklist

Prior to transferring the ownership of your development team we recommend you first:
  • Verify that all test data including test team members and messages send/received that should not be transferred first be deleted.
  • Review pre-loaded team member contact information is correct as the new owner will be able to bulk send team member invitations as part of their onboarding.
  • Ensure receiving client details are correct within account information.
  • Prepare your client for team account ownership by providing them with completed handover documentation as available from the Partner Dashboard.
  • If applicable, ensure you have correctly completed your request for Managed Team access so that all permissions required for ongoing support are pre-configured and part of the clients initial subscription process.