Tommy Partners are responsible for collecting and remitting taxes on your own activity to the relevant government authority. Tommy aims to make this easier by providing this guide for how we calculate taxes and how these are remitted.


Tommy is an internationally focused company based from Australia. Tax obligations vary significantly based on your country/region and the type of service you offer. Please use this page only as a general reference and it is recommended that you discuss your specific tax obligations with a tax professional within your jurisdiction and suitable to your industry.

Mini Program/Theme Taxes

Tommy Developer Partners can sell Mini Programs and Themes on the Tommy platform. These are considered digital/online sales and the jurisdiction of the customer might require that you remit taxes for these sales in different ways.
Tommy is an agent in the sale of your digital goods and will collect the taxes necessary if Tommy has a physical presence in the same jurisdiction as where the customer is located or the local government body requires Tommy to charge taxes on digital goods. If the Tommy Developer Partner is also within the same jurisdiction as the customer and Tommy then the payout can include the tax for remittance, if not, then Tommy will pay this to the relevant authorities directly.

Service Taxes

If you register for a profile as a Tommy Expert and opt-in to use Tommy invoicing, then you can include your tax details including the name and amount of tax to charge customers on these invoices. Upon collecting the payment from this invoice Tommy will pay out your portion of the transaction including the tax. It is your responsibility to then remit taxes to the appropriate government entities.

Referral Taxes

As a Tommy Partner you are providing a service to Tommy by referring new team accounts to subscribe and benefiting by way of earning a commissions your tax jurisdiction might require that you report this income.
Tommy has country specific tax practices to remain complaint, including:

  • Australian Partners
    As Tommy is an Australian based company we must automatically generate an invoice with your Australian Business Number (ABN) adding a Goods & Service Tax (GST) as a separate line item. Tommy will then pay this invoice though you are responsible for including this sale and GST within your Pay As You Go (PAYG) statements to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). If you are a Not For Profit or Charity or otherwise hold an exception from GST please contact Partner Support.