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Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide

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As a Tommy Partner, you are provided with the resources and tools need to help you achieve success with the program. The Partner Dashboard is loaded with brochures, flyers, banners, logos, and information you can use when promoting Tommy to your current and prospective customers. There is also a guide on how to brand yourself as a Tommy Partner.

Tommy Partners receive our monthly newsletter with early access to upcoming product updates and tips on how to make the most out of the program.

There is endless possibility to grow your business as a Tommy Partner. This article with step by step introduce you to valuable details that will help you on your journey to success.

Step 1. Learn how to earn from the program

There are multiple methods for you to earn revenue though Tommy’s Partner Program. You can earn by creating employee experiences for teams, developing and selling mini programs or themes, you can also earn more simply by referring people to Tommy using your unique Tommy Associate Program link.

Review “What Can I Earn?” to see how revenue is earned, calculated, and distributed.

Step 2. Get familiar with the program

The Tommy Partner Program is suitable for a wide range of people though its comprised mostly of bookkeepers, accountants, and managed service providers (MSPs) who use the Tommy platform to solve workforce management problems for their clients. As a Tommy Partner, you have the support of Tommy to grow your business and that of your customers by expanding your area of expertise into employee experiences.

Get a greater understanding of the expectations and requirements of being a Tommy Partner by reading our Tommy Partners Agreement.

Step 3. Benefits of being a Tommy Partner

Tommy Partners are provided with exclusive resources to help grow your business and find success.

  • Development Teams
    Create Free Team Accounts that have all the features of Tommy Plus so that you may develop, test, and demonstrate to customers the ideal employee experience that you have configured on their behalf. Once accepted, Development Teams are easy to copy and assign to a customer for production.

  • Managed Teams
    Offer a higher level of support by linking your Tommy Partner account with your customers Team. Managed Teams allow Tommy Partners sufficient access to provide quality support to customers without being included as a Team Member for billing purposes. Team Admin can specify if “full” or “limited” access is granted.

  • Tommy Partner University
    Training materials and certifications exclusive for Tommy Partners to become proficient in product knowledge, to address customer concerns, and ideas for promotional opportunities to grow your business.

  • Promotional Resources
    Tommy’s brand kit along with templates for brochures, flyers, and banners. If additional or custom resources are required it is easy to message Partner Support.

Step 4. Update Your Service Offering

Now that you are a Tommy Partner you can build trust with prospective customers and inform existing customers of your new employee experience offering. Tommy recommends updating your website to include Tommy branding and ideally to create a Tommy Landing Page that demonstrates your expertise and the quality of service you provide.

Step 5. Get Started Today

The best way to start anything is to take the first step so create a Development Team and see for yourself how this can help your customers. You can create a free Development Team from your Partner Dashboard.