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Connect data from any system and automate workflows
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Expand your employee app experience quickly and without risky implementation cycles.


Manage Your Integration From A Single Dashboard

With the Integration Dashboard, you can:



Employee Experience API

Integrate your organisations data to enrich decision making and provide a seamless employee experience. The possibilities are limitless, though some common integrations include:

Integration Developer FAQs

The Tommy SDK has been built with the developer experience in mind. Integrations can either be hosted by Tommy or independently using the Tommy API. Depending on your specific use case the skills required will vary significantly. Though, in general to take full advantage of the Tommy SDK you should be experienced in JavaScript, VueJS, NodeJS, and REST APIs.
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This is the most popular form of hosted integration within the Tommy platform and it allows for developers to quickly connect third party APIs to Tommy using the existing event based Actions system in Tommy.

Teams can assign triggers to be fired upon specific events that will execute pre-defined activities. Developers can expand the list of Activities that can be selected to include API calls to third party systems.

Yes. Depending upon the plan selected by a team the volume and frequency of API calls is throttled. API usage reporting is integration/mini program specific so that Tommy Partners and Teams can see their volumes. Tommy recommends developers be mindful of call volumes to ensure Team limits are not easily reached.


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