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How to Take Ideal Photos for Your Business


How to Take Ideal Photos for Your Business

Are you planning to take photos for your website’s blog post or social media posts? It may be daunting to do this if you don’t have experience in this craft. But don’t worry!


We listed the different things you can do to take great photos for your company. Read about them below!

1. Invest in a High-Quality Camera for Business Photography 📸

Even though some phones may take great photos, they cannot defeat a camera’s shots.

In a survey by Shotkit, they asked 1000 professional photographers what they use for photography. Mirrorless cameras were the most popular option at 63%, while DSLR cameras took second place at 36%. No one in the survey said they use a phone for professional photography.


Source: Shotkit

That’s why investing in an excellent camera is essential. But it doesn’t stop there; you should know how to use your camera correctly.

Read its manual, watch tutorial videos, or take a photography class to improve your skills.

2. Lighting Is Crucial for Professional Business Photos 💡

Use natural light as much as possible. It is better than using a flash, so shoot outdoors if you can. 

George Eastman

However, you should face away from the lamp, sun, or window when capturing the image.

Ensure that your shot has no shadow because it destroys the quality.

3. Use Styling and Props if Necessary 💇

Although this will depend on your type of business, consider using styling and props in your shots.

Here are some ideas for props and styling you can use for professional photos.


Whatever props you choose for your photos, you must ensure they are relevant to your business.

When used correctly, props and styling can add a sense of uniqueness to your photos.

4. Plan Your Timing for the Shots ⏱️

Choosing the right time to take photos is essential, but this isn’t easy. For example, in an article by Fstoppers, professional photographer Michael Breitung stated that over a 284-day travel period, he had around 300 photoshoots. However, only 25 photos he took had great weather and lighting conditions.

If your photoshoot is outside, the best hours to capture shots are morning and afternoon. 

Midday is not a good time for a photo shoot outside because it causes shadows in images. However, if the photoshoot is inside, midday is the best time because light will come from the outside.

5. Take Candid Photos

It’s not great to only have pictures of your products. You should also take photos with people in them. However, ensure that your human shots are candid rather than staged. This is especially important for professional headshots.


You should do this to improve the photo’s authenticity and add a human touch to your brand.

You can share your company’s story through images and demonstrate how people can use your products and services.

You may also display photos of your employees to establish a personal connection with your audience. Doing this also shows them that they interact with people rather than a company.

6. Ensure That the Shots Are Consistent with the Brand

Through every part of the photo-taking process, you must ensure that you make them consistent with your company brand. Brand consistency is essential in every aspect of your business marketing.

A brand consistency report by Marq found that 68% of businesses stated that staying consistent with their brand contributed to a 10% (or more) growth in revenue.

For example, if most of your branding uses blue as its primary color, incorporate that into the photos.

Additionally, ensure that every element of the background, including the location, styling, props, and people in the photo links to your brand. Also, ensure that your product is the primary focus of the photo because it is the direct representation of your brand.


Source: Marq

7. Capture Many Shots

Don’t settle with a shot or two; take multiple, even if some aren’t high-quality. You should take at least ten photos every time to find one that works. Also, move around a little while taking images; try different angles and locations.

Remember that the first lot of photos you take may not be your best.


If you have many photos, you can pick the best ones for your business and use them for many purposes. For example, square photos are typically great for social media formats like Instagram.

Meanwhile, landscape shots are better for a website, especially as a banner across the homepage.

8. Edit Professional Photos Properly

You can use many photo editing software products to improve your shots. Some are free, but some aren’t, so research and choose the best software for you.

You should consider the following before choosing a software tool:

  • Choose one that matches your skill level for editing photos.
  • Research options with all your desired features, like cropping, color adjustment, resizing, and more.
  • Check that the software you want works with the operating system you use.
  • Choose software where you can edit in batches if you’ll often need to do this for your business.
  • Check the prices of plans for photo editing software to see if they are fair.
  • See if the photo editing software integrates with other tools you often use in your business—for example, integrations with cloud storage and project management platforms.
  • Check the performance speed to see if it meets your standards.
  • Check with the photo editing software provider to see if they regularly update the software to improve it.
  • Prioritize photo editing software with free trials so you can try them before purchasing.

You can use the software to crop photos, add effects, and adjust the color and brightness. However, remember not to over-edit your images; editing should improve your images instead of overpowering them.

Final Thoughts on How to Take Business Photos Like a Professional Photographer

Business photos must have high quality and human touch to attract customers.


Our tips can help you gain the perfect images for your company. With the right skill, effort, and strategy, you’ll capture the right shots and captivate your audience.

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