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Mini Programs

Expand the Tommy Employee Experience Platform with your own Mini Programs. Exclusive to your team or offer to others.


Expand your employee app experience quickly and without risky implementation cycles.


Assess Your Mini Programs Performance From A Single Dashboard

With the Mini Program Dashboard, you can:


Why Create Mini Programs?

Effortless Impact

Tommy handles tedious admin so you can focus on building things that have the most employee impact.

Grow Together

Showcase your mini program to existing Tommy customers with a seamless subscription sign up process.

Subscription Management

Get subscription payment options that work for you with options for one off, usage based, or seat based pricing.

Gain A Community

Our Developer community is here to support your journey.

Connect And Engage

Create engaging functionality by including team messaging into your experience.

Permission Management

Easily define multiple levels of permissions and admin only interfaces.

Mini Program Developer FAQs

The Tommy SDK has been built with the developer experience in mind. Mini Programs are focused towards front-end employee experiences
and so Developers will need experience in HTML5 and ideally with and VueJS. Though it is possible to create mini programs that
run externally it is recommended Developers take advantage of our fully hosted options.
See more about making mini programs

Yes. Tommy Developers can install private Mini Programs to teams within their Managed Teams list. Private Mini Programs do not require independent approval and do not need to be available to other Teams for install.

Tommy hosts the majority of Mini Programs as part of its enterprise approved program. If your Mini Program uses third party APIs or is a framed experience you will require your own hosting.

Tommy recommends using the tools available within the Tommy SDK to develop mini programs that do not require independent hosting.


Become a Developer Partner

Tommy Developer Program is currently invite only.