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Leadership Qualities Every Manager Should Have

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Being a strong and effective manager requires developing certain qualities and skills to inspire your team and produce the best outcome.

These 10 qualities are necessary for success:

1.Decision making

Confidence and problem-solving skills are crucial to management. All leaders must have decisions, including difficult decisions which impact their business or team/s. Good managers understand the role of emotions in decision-making, and consider the organisation’s values when making decisions

2.Acting responsibility

Managers should understand their responsibility due to their position of power in the organisation. They are compelled to consider the needs of the business and its employees. Leading a team to achieve business goals, uphold performance standards and prioritise employee wellbeing


Inspiring confidence in your team leads to better performance and morale. A confident manager will have a greater chance of respect and confidence from their team in their leadership. Managers should have confidence in their team, be able to let them act independently within their ability and speciality

4.Communication skills

Communication skills in professional settings are incredibly important. A manager should be able to effectively communicate expectations, standards, project outlines, deadlines, and business information. Communicating effectively increases productivity by reducing confusion, double-handling and mistakes. The quality of communication can encourage employees, and build trusting, strong relationships.

5.Listening skills

The strength of a manager’s listening skills influences their position as a respected leader, and their ability to connect with their team. Good listening skills improve relationships and encourage team members to ask questions, make suggestions and raise concerns.
As with communication, strong listening skills enhance trust, teamwork, and engagement. Good listening skills involve listening carefully, not interrupting and rephrasing central ideas to improve understanding.


Being empathetic towards others involves taking the perspective of another person’s life, experience, and the way decisions impact them. Understanding your team’s perspective and life experiences will assist with resolving problems and achieving business goals.
Strong empathy is associated with well developed emotional intelligence; possessing the ability to understand others, the way they communicate, their needs and differences in a professional environment is an advantage for any manager


A strong vision for your business, team and success is a powerful motivator for your employees. Possessing a vision aids continuous improvement, increasing the chances of future success


Open and transparent leaders are more effective and trustworthy. Inspire honesty in your employees by leading by example, promoting trust and strong working relationships


Knowing when to compromise and adjust expectations, goals or workloads demonstrates the quality of flexibility in a good manager. Being flexible inspires flexibility in others, helping to cope with the fluctuations associated with running a business


Knowing when to act, at which time, and which action to take is a key quality which depends on the other qualities listed above. Decision making leads to acting and hopefully, if you have developed strong skills in other areas, your team will support your decisions


Becoming the best manager, you can be means developing these ten core skills of decision making, responsibility, confidence, communication, listening, empathy, vision, honesty, flexibility and action
What do you think is the best leadership quality that a manager should have? Share it with us!