The IT Purchase Path: How It Can Help You Land Clients

In the digital world we live in🌏, technology is becoming increasingly popular and plays a significant role in business operations. Nowadays, most businesses rely on tech and IT to ensure their business runs smoothly and efficiently👌. Because of this, technology and IT companies face strong competition, making client acquisition vital. 

The purchase path refers to the series of stages companies go through when deciding on a purchase. For IT businesses like MSPs, creating a purchase path for clients can elevate your business, offer you insight into client purchases, and help you improve for the future🤩. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the IT purchase path and the benefits of using it to land and secure clients. From marketing to acquisition strategies, there are many steps you can take to use it to your advantage. Let’s get into it. 

What is the Path to Purchase?

A path to purchase or a purchase path is the series of stages a company goes through when making decisions about buying a product or service. The path follows the journey from seeing a product to purchasing it. The journey typically follows vital steps, each one playing a crucial role in the decision-making process and final purchase💸. 


Source: Forbes 

While the steps can vary depending on the type of purchase, here’s a general outline:

Identification of Needs – The first step of the path to purchase is for businesses to identify their IT and technology needs🔎. A company can assess any current challenges they face, any gaps in their IT infrastructure, and future goals they want to achieve. 

Research and Exploration of Options – Once a company has identified its needs, it begins to look around for options by doing research and exploring potential solutions🤔. Whether this is researching different options of technology, exploring various service providers, or looking at potential systems or software that can help👀. This is when marketing strategies come in handy for the IT company, as they can express their expertise in the field and acquire potential customers. 

Try Demos or Free Trials💰 – Some people want to make sure that they are making the right decision before purchasing something. To do that, they would often try out demos or free trial versions to understand better how it will help solve their problems. Data shows that more than 54% of consumers keep their subscriptions after their free trials end.



Make a Shortlist📝 – When the potential client is done with their research, they will list down the ones they think are suitable for them🙇‍♀️. It will then be narrowed down by removing those that don’t fit their budget, needs, and timeline. One way to avoid being removed from the list is by offering customized services depending on the client’s budget, pain points, and timeline. You can also showcase studies to demonstrate how you can provide for their needs🤝.

Budgeting🤑 – Based on the areas of need identified, a company can create a budget for the IT purchase. Financial approval may be necessary, and the company can begin to allocate the technology to the appropriate section.

Vendor Selection👉 – At this stage, the business will decide on the most suitable vendor for their organization. Having looked at reviews, expertise, pricing, and the vendor’s ability to meet particular needs, they will make their final decision👉. The business will begin the customer-supplier relationship and take the leap and reach out. 

Pilot Programs✈️ – In some cases, businesses opt for pilot programs to ensure they’re certain about their decision before committing fully🔐. This ensures that the technology works properly in a real-life scenario and that the business has made the correct decision. The customer will feel more comfortable and at ease knowing their chosen technology is effective and reliable🤩. 

Implementation and Integration🔗 – Once the correct IT system has been chosen, a company will begin to integrate it into their business and existing infrastructure. For a smooth transition, companies will require employee training for the new IT software and the process of integration with other existing systems, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition👌. 

How Can the Purchase Path Help You Land Clients?

Now we’ve covered the purchase path, it’s time to look at how it can help you land clients. By being strategic and navigating the path, you can use it to your advantage and ensure the process of technology procurement is seamless. 

Here are some ways the IT purchase path can help you land clients:

Get a Better Understanding of Client's Needs🤔

Getting to know your clients and gaining a deeper understanding of their needs will help you cater to their preferences. 

You can offer specific services that cater to and address particular pain points. This will place your company in a position of power as you demonstrate a commitment to understanding your client and tailoring your services to their needs. 

Build Trust With Clients🤝

If a client is struggling with a specific element of their IT infrastructure, offering valuable advice and insights will help you create a strong relationship. According to data, “82% of consumers expect an immediate response to sales or marketing questions.” So, you can use this to your advantage and prove your hands-on approach.

You can establish trust with your clients, offering them support and information and asking the right questions to stay ahead of the competition.


Craft Tailored Solutions👌

Your paying customer will want to know the exact ways your IT company can help with their business operations. If you prove to customers that your services, systems, or products can help with their pain points, your conversation rate will increase, and you’ll acquire customers who trust your solutions👍. By offering direct and clear points that address the client’s needs, you’re more likely to secure their trust and the final deal. 

Streamline the Technology Procurement🖥

By providing a clear, smooth, and seamless process, your clients will trust your influence and service. By making the procurement process as efficient as possible, they’ll experience a hassle-free and transparent service that they trust. Ensure your procurement team is effective, efficient, and supportive in their efforts; this, in turn, will establish a strong sense of trust. 

Offer Post-Purchase Support🤝

Post-purchase support is a game-changer in the world of customer loyalty. If you prove to customers that you’re on it by checking in and ensuring they’re satisfied with the results, they’ll appreciate your dedication and ongoing support. Data shows that 80% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

Not only will this create a positive experience for the customer, but it will also aid future referrals and business opportunities. 


Build Long-Lasting Relationships😄

If you navigate the IT purchase path effectively and strategically, you can build long-lasting relationships with your clients. By supporting them through their customer journey and laying solid foundations of trust, they’re likely to return for support, advice, or future products and services👍. 

By emphasizing these points, you can ensure you create long-lasting relationships with your clients. Not only will you land clients, but you’ll retain and aid the success of your business in the long run⭐️. 

customer interactions

Source: Invoca


In conclusion, the IT purchase path acts as a roadmap🗺 for businesses to effectively interact with clients, offer support, and build long-lasting trust. By providing consistent advice and tailoring your products and services to meet the needs of your clients, your business will thrive, exceed competitors, and create long-lasting relationships with customers🤩. 

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