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Private Chat Built For Work Life

Phone Number FREE

No need to share phone numbers

Private 1-on-1 Or Group Chats

Fully featured messaging

Smart Notifications And Reminders

Improved work-life balance

Automatic Expiry On Messages

7 day expiry unless saved

Before Tommy


Hunting for colleague phone number
and having to ask around.


Work related messages in your personal
whatsapp and sms.


Less ability to mentally switchoff from work.

After Tommy

Connect without sharing personal details.

No awkward social media friend requests.

Work life balance in your digital life.

Real-Time privacy

Communicate For Today, Not Saved Indefinitely.

Private conversations in the real-world should not be recorded though being able to re-read something is a modern convenience. Tommy believes in this convenience but doesn’t like the creepiness so we’ve adopted this balance:


Private Messages once read will automatically delete after 7 days unless you individually mark them as saved.


Saving a Private Messages will make it visible to all within the chat.


Private messages that are not read/received within 7 days of sending will be automatically deleted.

Full-Featured Messaging

Private Chat

1-on-1 personal messaging.

Group Chat

Multiple contacts are once.

Voice Memos

Send quick spoken messages.

File Attachments

Share documents up to 10mb each.


Reply to messages with emojis

Dark Mode

Preserve your battery (and eyes).

Link Previews

Shared links show a preview.

Push Notifications

Smart push preferences.

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